• Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis Should Be Treated Differently
    Chronicprostatitisisnotonlyaninflammationinprostate;itisalsoachronicpelvicpainandlower urinarytractsyndromecausedbyaninflammatorychangeanddysfunctionofmuscletissuesaroundprostate.Iforgansinurinarytrac.......
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    Author: John
    Date: 2016-12-03
  • What is discolored semen, whether it will threaten to the health?
    What is discolored semen? In brief, males semen is normally a whitish-gray color and quite thick after ejaculation, but within 30 minutes, liquefies may be change in the appearance of semen. Its color.......
    Tags: discolored semen, hematospermia
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-22
  • Recommended Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment is mainly based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    Bacterial prostatitis shows high rates of response to therapy and high likelihood of cure and hence is reputed to be an easy-to-manage infection. In fact, contrary to its chronic counterpart, Bacteria.......
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    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-21
  • A New Prostatitis Chronic Treatment with No Side Effects Will Replace Commonly-used Antibiotic Treatment
    This global Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November 2016), more and more people are being urged to understand that antibiotic resistance is happening here and now, with increased rates of resistance.......
    Tags: prostatitis, prostatitis chronic treatment, chronic prostatitis
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-18
  • Why is herbal medicine as a new approach needed in endometriosis treatment option?
    Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease that affects up to 10% of women in their reproductive years. It causes pelvic pain, cervix bleeding, severe dysmenorrhea, and subfertility. The disease .......
    Tags: endometriosis, endometriosis treatment
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-11
  • Endometriosis pain treatment: Do you have experienced it?
    Over 5 million women in China have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. Generally, these conditions will result in the Endometriosis including the endometrial cells, or the cells of the uterus, abnormal.......
    Tags: endometriosis pain treatment, endometriosis
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-09
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Could Be the Prostatitis Alternative Treatment Not Surprissingly
    Prostatitis, in all its forms, is one of the most common urological disorders and can affect men of any age. Approximately one-third of all men during their lifetime will experience symptoms consisten.......
    Tags: prostatitis, prostatitis alternative treatment, TCM
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-03
  • How Do You Treat Epididymitis?
    Epididymitis is the most common cause of intrascrotal inflammation. It is generally treated by outpatient care with oral antimicrobial agents. However, it infrequently becomes sufficiently severe to c.......
    Tags: epididymitis, how do you cure epididymitis, epididymitis treatment
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-11-03
  • What Treatment for Bladder Infection Is Better?
    Bladder infection is a common urinary tract disease. If patients cannot take prompt treatment for bladder infection, it’s easily lead to bladder fibrosis, and further to develop kidney necrosis and u.......
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-10-26
  • Helpful Tips for Orchitis Self-Care at Home
    Have you ever met these symptoms as following: Testicular swelling, redness, pain or tenderness; Fever and chills; Nausea; Malaise and fatigue; Headache; Body aches; Pain with urination. All these sym.......
    Author: John
    Date: 2016-10-22