How to Treat Drips After Urinating?

Author: John
Time: 2019/7/23 14:25:20

How to Treat Drips After Urinating?

Drips after urinating is a typical clinical symptom of prostatitis, and it is also a symptom that occurs in the early stage in patients with prostatitis. Drips after urinating refers to the appearance of creamy white fluid at the urinary meatus when urinating or defecating, but the amount is not large, it can not be found at all if not carefully observed. The occurence of drips is mainly because the excessive secretion of male hormone, which leads to that the penis is always in persistent passive erection, so when urinating in the morning, there will be prostate fluid overflow, resulting in drips after urinating. 

The reason for drips after urinating is the decrease of white blood cells in the prostate, resulting in insufficient regulative capability in all aspects. In daily life, if men participate in intense activities or prostate is abraded, all of them will cause hyperemia of prostate, and then lead to drips after urinating. In recent years, drips after urinating has also become one of the prostate problems that men are afflict with. 

If you suspect that your there is drips when you urinate, but you can't be sure, you'd better go to the regular hospital and consult a doctor. This is a kind of chronic inflammation, which may feel nothing in the early stage, but is difficult to be cured in the later stage.


 If the symptom of drips is only occasional, it's not a big problem and normal.The reason of that may be irregular work and rest, or irregular diet, excessive drinking. As long as work and rest become regular, the symptom will not appear again generally. The normal frequency of drips is about once or twice a month, you don’t need to worry about it too much. However, if it is beyond that range, then the situation is not normal, and medical treatment is needed immediately to avoid affecting sexual life.

There are many reasons leading to drips, so there are many ways to treat it depends on different causes. In daily life, we can take some measures to ensure that drips will not deteriorate or to accelerate the progress of the treatment of drips after urinating. If you miss the best time for treatment, the condition may be more difficult to treat. Once you find that you have drips after urinating, you should see a doctor in time, and don't wait for it to heal by yourself, which is impossible.

Generally speaking, doctors recommend that eating more fruits and vegetables which can reduce internal heat and avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods. It’s advised to quit smoking and alcohol, not stay up late, not often look at the computer and keep early hours. In addition, some anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken under the guidance of doctors, which can slow down the congestion of the prostate and reduce the frequency of drips. 

At the same time, we can choose the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has good anti-inflammatory effect to carry out adjuvant treatment. For sexual life, it is better not to have sex in a short time, because it may lead to a large amount of overflow of prostatic fluid, resulting in more serious condition.

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