How to Improve Sperm Quality in Oligospermia Patients

Author: john
Time: 2019/7/20 16:37:36

How to Improve Sperm Quality in Oligospermia Patients

Generally speaking, the quality of sperm determines whether the women can successfully conceive. And when men suffer from oligospermia, it means that sperm quality is poor and in weak vitality, so it is very difficult to get women pregnant, it becomes a form of infertility for men, then how to improve sperm quality in patients with oligospermia?

  1. Reasonable diet and proper exercise: Only with good nutritional status, the body can produce a sufficient number of vigorous, normal and robust sperm for fertility. If malnourished, the resulting sperm may be present in low numbers, poor motility, and high rates of malformation. And if the nutrition is very poor, it may also lead to infertility. 

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2. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco: Smoking is the enemy of eugenics. Some men are quite sensitive to the toxins in cigarettes, especially for the germ cells in their testes. Nicotine in tobacco can reduce the secretion of sex hormones and kill sperm. The survival rate of sperm is only 49% when smoking more than 30 cigarettes per day. 

3. Attention to correct bad habits: such as frequent hot water bath, it will cause testicular spermatogenesis dysfunction. Tight pants, long-distance bicycling, etc. will prevent the generation of sperm, reduce sperm motility, and the consequence will inevitably be infertility. 


4. Do not stay up late: some people stay up late often, for going online, playing cards, and overworking, etc., making them exhausted, and sperm motility greatly reduced. 

5. Avoid the influence of harmful substances: for sperm in the testis, its production and maturation will be influenced by other factors such as radiation, harmful chemicals (including pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, paints, etc.) and certain drugs or effects of qualitative change. Therefore, for men in the reproductive period, they need to avoid long-term exposure to such harmful substances, as well as drug abuse.

6. Avoid sedentary habits in order to avoid rising testicular temperature. Less contact with gasoline, less night driving to avoid light pollution, do not hold back urine, so as not to affect sperm quality. 

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