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  • Anti-inflammatory Drugs on Fever Sometimes Can Cause Adverse Effects
    This kind of anti-inflammatory medication is an antimicrobial drug, it has a therapeutic effect on only a few cases of fever, which means that it only works on certain infections.....
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/9/5 15:59:36
  • Folk Remedies for Chlamydia and Mycoplasma
    Under normal circumstances they will not cause diseases, only when the bodys immune system is suddenly destroyed, then it can be resulting in bacterial infection and inflammation.....
    Tags: folk remedy, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma
    Author: john
    Date: 2019/7/20 16:05:28
  • Could Chlamydia Patients Get Pregnant?
    Women in pregnant duration are in the most weakened period who need to be protected. Since during this period, many issues could cause expectant mother ill, such as chlamydia and other disease pathogens, which have become the common health killers among pregnant women. Therefore, many female friends doubted whether they could get pregnant when they infected with chlamydia?....
    Tags: chlamydia
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/10/6 11:13:31
  • STD-Chlamydia Needs Couples Treat Together
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/5/23 11:27:52
  • TCM Provides Natural Treatment for Chlamydia
    chlamydia infection is a common urinary tract disease, thus clinically, there are different ways to cure this disease, including western medicine and TCM therapy. However, as for the natural treatment for chlamydia, TCM is a best way.....
    Tags: chlamydia, natural treatment for chlamydia
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/5/5 10:54:22
  • Europe Appear Infection Peak of Chlamydia
    It is suggested by CPS infection in the European Union that, in the past 10 years, the European chlamydia patients has doubled, 3/4 of the emerging infectious diseases occur in young group with the age of 15-24 years old, most are females.....
    Tags: chlamydia
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/4/27 16:49:11
  • Chlamydia Trachomatis Can Cause Epididymitis in Men
    The cause of epididymitis was chlamydia trachomatis, not bacteria, so even he took a lot of medicines for killing bacteria, his disease couldnt be cured still.....
    Tags: Chlamydia Trachomatis,Epididymitis
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/1/15 20:31:23
  • Treatment for chlamydia
    As a common sexually transmitted condition among men, chlamydia is mainly spreading via unprotected sexual contact. chlamydia infection is high contagious. Therefore, it is very harmful. But the chlamydia isn’t a stubborn condition, as long as this problem can be cured timely and properly.....
    Tags: Treatment for chlamydia, chlamydia, causes of chlamydia
    Author: lixiaop
    Date: 2015/12/21 11:13:10
  • Treat Chlamydia
    Herbal medicine is an alternative treatment of chlamydia. In the view of TCM, chlamydia is caused by toxic materials and urination disturbance. By adding different herbs in, a complete herbal medicine can contain lots of function such as clearing toxic materials and relieving stranguria.....
    Author: John
    Date: 2015/11/25 15:03:53
  • Chlamydia natural cure
    Although antibiotics are effective on chlamydia, the drug resistance problem makes antibiotics not the best treatment. to avoid this side effect, some prone to take some chlamydia natural cures including olive tree extract, beans, Echinacea, garlic, cat’s claw, goldenseal, saw palmetto, whole grain, cured and sage enhancing or quicken the effect of antibiotics.....
    Tags: chlamydia natural cure, herbal treatment, fuyan pill
    Author: lixiaop
    Date: 2015/11/21 13:09:06