Is There Any Herbal Medicine For Azoospermia?

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Is There Any Herbal Medicine For Azoospermia?

Azoospermia refers to those who have not found sperm during multiple semen examinations (usually more than three times). Azoospermia accounts for about 15% to 20% of male infertility patients. 

There are many causes. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two categories. One is testicular dysfunction, known as primary azoospermia or non-obstructive azoospermia. Second, testicular development of spermatozoa is normal, but due to obstruction of the vas deferens, sperm can not be discharged from the body, known as obstructive azoospermia.  

Azoospermia can be treated with herbal medicine, which generally needs kidney tonifying and essence enriching. Such as:

  1. The main prescription of Shengjing Soup: epimedium 15g, intermittent 10g, semen cuscutae15g, fallopia multiflora 15g, lycium 15g, mulberry 15g, raspberry 10g, Schisandra chinensis 6g, plantain seed15g,  astragalus mongholicus 20g, Angelica sinensis 10g. Decoction 2 times, take 2 times and 1 dose a day.


2. Increasing-sperm Pills can be used to treat azoospermia, such as male silkworm moth, antler gum, epimedium, aconite, dodder, Achyranthes bidentata, raspberry, dendrobium, leek, cistanche, cinnamon, Morinda officinalis, sea dog kidney and so on. 

First, boil the antler glue in cold water until boiling, dissolve the glue and add 100-200 ml of yellow rice wine. Then put the silkworm moth into the silkworm moth. Boil the silkworm moth in gentle fire, remove the fire and add the remaining powder (dodder seeds need to be soaked in 65 degree liquor for 12 hours first). Stir and make pills, weighing 9-12 grams. 

Take one pill in the morning, afternoon and evening. 15-20 days is a course of treatment. The function is to tonify the kidney, strengthen the Yang, and fill the fine sperm, suitable for azoospermic infertility, syndrome belongs to kidney deficiency and failure type.


3. Fertility Pills. Red Ginseng 40g, deer antler 10g, antler glue 60g, cornel 60g, wolfberry 80g, cooked ground 80g, Astragalus 80g, Schisandra 80g,  testiset penis phocae 1 pair,  gecko1 pair. Twice a day, taking 10 grams each time. Rinse with warm boiling water. The function of tonifying kidney and Tonifying Qi is suitable for the treatment of azoospermia caused by deficiency of kidney .

In fact, azoospermia in men is not an incurable disease. As long as they receive professional treatment in time, they can recover. In addition, in daily life, we should also pay attention to personal hygiene, quit smoking and alcohol, strengthen physical exercise, so as to enhance immunity, so as to effectively prevent azoospermia. 

In addition to congenital azoospermia, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a good effect in the treatment of azoospermia caused by inflammatory diseases, such as prostate disease is one of the most likely causes of azoospermia, and reproductive tract infections caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia can also affect spermatogenesis activities, resulting in azoospermia. 

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