Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern-Based Approach for Frequent Urination

Author: John
Time: 2019/7/20 17:42:48

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern-Based Approach for Frequent Urination

Many people will find that with age, urinary frequency is becoming more and more evident, which has affected the their lives and work. So, how can we treat urinary frequency? In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, urinary frequency is not a serious disease, there are many ways to treat it, as long as you cooperate with the doctors, you can get rid of urinary frequency symptoms very soon. Below is a detailed summary of several good remedies for urinary frequency. 

1. 24 bitter cardamon and a little salt, decocated in water, 1 dose daily. Take at bedtime. 


2. 6 grams of leek seeds, made into fine powder, wine and water both in half, mix together and orally take.

3. 60 grams of dandelion, decocted into a tea drink. This formula applies to frequent urination and low back pain. 


4. 12 grams of dodder seeds, 6 grams of raspberry, 6 grams each of leek seeds and cherokee rose-hip, decocated in water. This prescription applies to frequent urinary in the elderly. 

5. 60 grams of mantis egg-case, and 15 grams of bitter cardamon, researched into fine powder, made into pills with flour, at the size of phoenix tree seeds, orally intake of 20 pills at bedtime, with water.

6. Gallnut fried in yellowish color, researched into fine powder, and made into paste with boiled water, then applied to Shenque acupoint, covered with gauze and fixed with tape, once a day before going to bed, for 7 days in a row. 


7. 2 partials of salt and 1 partial of garlic, mashed together, wrapped with oil gauze, pressed into a pie shape, heated and applied in Zhongji acupoint and Guanyuan acupoint (acupuncture points),  30 minutes each time,  twice daily. 

8. Foeniculum vulgare and glutinous rice in proper quantity. Add salt to fennel, fry and grind into fine powder. Mixed with steamed glutinous rice, and take once a day. 

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