Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis Should Be Treated Differently

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Chronic prostatitis is not only an inflammation in prostate; it is also a chronic pelvic pain and lower urinary tract syndrome caused by an inflammatory change and dysfunction of muscle tissues around prostate. If organs in urinary tract are infected, it will cause inflammation in urinary tract also, so there are many symptoms of chronic prostatitis, they should be treated differently.

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Stimulation in urinary tract and bladder are main symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
When there is no apparent pathological change in chronic prostatitis or the a patient doesn’t get the disease for a long time, the main symptoms are stimulation in urinary tract or bladder. Such as stabbing pain in urinary tract, increased urgency and frequency of urination, endless urination etc, when there is a BPH, a patient can have increased urination at night, difficulty when urinating, weak urine, thinner urine line etc. If pathogen exists in prostatic fluid, the patient can have increase discharge in the opening of urethra etc.

Then chronic prostatitis includes pathogen with main symptoms like stimulation in urinary tract and bladder can be treated by antibiotics, drug sensitive test should be done to help choose sensitive antibiotics. If a patient has increased frequency and urgency of urination, he can also choose diuretic. When drug resistance occurs after using all kind s of antibiotics or effect of antibiotics is not good enough, a patient can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which can induce diuresis for treating stranguria and clear away heat and toxic materials.

There are a lot of symptoms for chronic prostatitis; swelling in appendix organ is included.
Even main symptoms of chronic prostatitis are stimulation in urinary tract and bladder, prostate, urinary tract, bladder, testicles and epididymis are close to each other, so if inflammation of one organ is untreated, other organs may be infected and cause swelling in lower abdomen, scrotum, perineum, testicles and epididymis. During the acute infection, it can lead to swelling and edema in testicle and scrotum.

Now the swelling and edema in reproductive organs are inflammatory infiltration mostly, two kinds of antibiotics can be combined in the same time during the treatment of acute infection. When the chronic period is steady, alpha-adrenergic blocking agent and5 alpha-reductase inhibitors can be used. If there are pathogens which are not easy to be cured like mould, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasma, gonorrhea etc after checks, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be chosen if drugs mentioned above are not effective.

There are many symptoms of chronic prostatitis, general symptoms may occur.
After being stimulated for a long time by inflammation, pathogen goes upward and infects many oranges in body, cause low quality semen, non-liquefied semen, too long time seminal liquidation, low seminal vigour, high rate of teratospermia, necrozoospermia etc. If leave uncured for a long time, it may lead to mental symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, depression etc. If a patient has poor ability to adjust his mood, he may have mental sexual dysfunction like decreased libido, erection difficulties etc.

There are a lot of symptoms of chronic prostatitis, some patients only have stimulation in urinary tract or bladder, besides those symptoms, some patients also have swelling in genital appendix organs, and then they need to choose treatments accordingly. If a patient has urinary obstruction and cystolith, an effective surgery to eliminate the obstruction and cystolith is good, and in order to increase the recovery rate, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken after surgery.

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