Endometriosis pain treatment: Do you have experienced it?

Author: John
Time: 2016/11/9 14:53:46

Over 5 million women in China have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Generally, these conditions will result in the Endometriosis including the endometrial cells, or the cells of the uterus, abnormally growing in inappropriate areas of the body. Endometrial tissue can be found on the outside of the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries in the reproductive organs. It could grow into other internal organs, including the bladder. If the tissue infects the lymphatic system, it will expand across the whole body.

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These tissues can be affecting other normal uterus every month. It will leading to the massive scarring and bleeding through the body through the location of the abnormal tissue. The only identifying examination to diagnosis the endometriosis is laparoscopy. Endometriosis treatment has hormonal medications like birth control, pain killers, and surgery.

How to eliminate these symptoms? What is the best treatment for Endometriosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine as a need for new therapeutic approaches that improve the symptoms of patients with Endometriosis pain. One of the most common symptoms of endometriosis is painful menstruation. This pain can start one week before ovulation and continue until one week after the end of menstruation. The pain may be a constant discomfort, or it can cause cramping. The cramping pain may radiate and come in waves. Over the counter pain medication is a good treatment option for painful menstruation. Unfortunately, the definitive association between isolation of an infective agent and its Endometriosis origin is limited by various factors.

Endometriosis is believed to be a major cause of pelvic inflammatory diseases and an adverse factor for gamete development, fertilization and embryo development. Several studies demonstrated that Fuyan Pill could affect sperm function and spermatogenesis, and are intimately related to varicocele-related infertility. While the damage is internal, the pain may radiate to the back or chest. A warm, relaxing bath can help relax tense back muscles. Along with pain medication, this symptom can be controlled with the help of your doctor.

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