Drug Treatment of Adenomyosis

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Time: 2019/8/14 18:01:05

Drug Treatment of Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease, which is also called endometriosis intema. This disease is mainly caused by female patients who are not paying enough attention to their daily living habits. Therefore, treatment of this disease requires not only the improvement of their daily bad living habits but also the correct use of medication.


We all know that adenomyosis can lead to enlargement and hardening of the uterine, dysmenorrhea, heavy menstrual flow, prolonged menstruation, pain after sexual intercourse, anemia, infertility and other symptoms which are all caused by the diffuse growth of endometriosis into the myometrium of the uterus.


At present, there are mainly nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone drugs, natural medicine and so on, which are used to treat adenomyosis clinically. So what is the actual effect of these drugs on patients with adenomyosis?


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

For example, ibuprofen, indomethacin and so on, these drugs can alleviate the dysmenorrhea caused by adenomyosis to a certain extent. But for patients with adenomyosis in the myometrium of the uterus can not be eliminated, it can not play an important role in the treatment of adenomyosis.


Hormone drugs

It mainly includes all kinds of contraceptives, Mirena, Daphelin and Leuprorelin injection. These drugs mainly inhibit the estrogen secretion of patients by the progesterone and weak androgen contained in their components, so as to inhibit the growth of endometrial membrane, alleviate symptoms of patients and control the development of adenomyosis. 


However, it is difficult to say that adenomyosis can be cured because it can not really eliminate the basis of intramyometrial lesions in patients. And because of the hormone nature of these drugs, long-term use will lead to a variety of side effects, which will increase the burden on the body of patients.


Natural medicine

The treatment of adenomyosis with natural medicine is based on the principle of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Generally, it relieves the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and abnormal menstruation in patients with adenomyosis by relieving Qi stagnancy in the liver, eliminating symptoms and promoting blood circulation, warming channel and relieving pain. 


Especially the common Fuyan Pill invented by Dr.Lee Xiaoping in combination with many years of clinical experience, composed of more than fifty kinds of natural herbs, such as Bupleurum chinense, Poria cocos, licorice, safflower, and Angelica Sinensis. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, sterilizing inflammation, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, effectively achieving the effects of treating adenomyosis and enhancing the immunity of patients at the same time.


Current conservative methods, such as drug therapy, they are only suitable for patients with the mild condition. If the condition is severe, surgery may also be considered. For the treatment of adenomyosis, not only patients need to give correct oral medicines to treat it, but they also need to pay attention to improving bad living habits in peacetime. 

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