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Dr. Lee
She is good at treating female and male reproductive and urinary system diseases, such as prostatitis, cystitis, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc..
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.chylmdia trich total hysterectomy
.FSH Levels 11.8 in men
.My Wife is having hydrosalpinx that has
.after abortion of first issue the fallop
.I am 48 years old with 2 chidren. What t
.thickness of endometrium is 0.9 cm secre
.Brown Discharge
.my first born is ten yrs knw after givin
.Thank you Doc.for this opportunity. Plea
.problem of me, diagnosis of likely pelv

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Cure Adenomyosis with Fuyan Pill [Recommend]Cure Adenomyosis with Fuyan Pill
What is adenomyosis? Adenomyosis is the presence of endometrial glands and supporting tissues in the muscle of the uterus where it would not occur normally. It more often occurs in the posterior wall of the uterus. When the gland tissue grows du ...
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Treats Epididymitis Effectively [Recommend]Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Treats Epididymitis Effectively
What is epididymitis? Epididymitis is infection or less frequently, inflammation of the epididymis (the coiled tube on the back of the testicle). The majority of men that develop epididymitis develop it because of a bacterial infection. Although ...
Herbal Medicine to Treat Orchitis [Recommend]Herbal Medicine to Treat Orchitis
What is orchitis? Orchitis is a inflammation of mens testis. Orchitis seldom occur individually, but often secondary to prostatitis or epididymitis. Symptoms of orchitis are similar to those of testicular torsion. These can include: ejaculat ...
Cure Chlamydia Infection in Women with Fuyan Pill [Recommend]Cure Chlamydia Infection in Women with Fuyan Pill
Symptoms of chlamydia infection in women In women, chlamydia can infect the cervix or urethra. Symptoms can include: Pain when urinating Discharge from the vagina Pain in the lower abdomen Pain or bleeding during or after sex Bleeding betwe ...
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 Generally speaking, Treatment for chronic prostatitis can be divided into medical treatment and surgery. Medical treatment mainly includes traditional Chinese medicine treatment and western medicine treatment. This article is devoted to draw a conclusion and sort out treatments for chronic prostatitis. Then help patients to find out what is the most appropriate and effectivest therapy for them. S... detail
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  How mycoplasma and chlamydia cause tubal blockage We understand the common causes of tubal blockage is pathological barrier. Most pathological lesions caused by tubal disease, Such as mycoplasma and chlamydia stimulate the oviduct that make the salpingitis become serious. The performance is that Fibrosis of the wall of connective tissue hyperplasia tube , hardening and thickening the wall and ... detail
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Hydrosalpinx Herbal Remedy - Fuyan Pill
  The best hydrosalpinx herbal remedy is traditional chinese medicine! To treat hydrosalpinx with herbal remedy Fuyan Pill, no western pills are needed. Long-term use of antibiotics brings drug resistance, so it is not an appropriate treatment for hydrosalpinx which is caused by chronic salpingitis. And surgical treatment may possibly damage the fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate t... detail
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The natural treatment for curing cystitis glandularis
 Suffering from Cystitis glandularis, patients not only have the symptoms of frequency urination, painful urination, even bloody urine, but also they are associated with low back pain symptoms. If left treated or improper treatment, the patients may appear the infertility caused by urinary tract infection. Therefore, the herbalist Dr.Li Xiaoping will introduce some natural treatments for curing cys... detail
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