Chrysanthemum Water Sitz Bath for Prostate Health

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Time: 2019/5/15 15:56:25

Chrysanthemum Water Sitz Bath for Prostate Health

For men, it is very important to prevent prostate disease. Experts say with chrysanthemum water sitz bath, the prostate will be benefited from it, so how to prepare this particular bath?

"Hot water sitz bath" is a type of 'hydrotherapy' in physical therapy and has a unique therapeutic effect. It can increase the local tissue temperature, dilate blood vessels, promote the blood circulation of skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle, increase the metabolic rate of local tissues and permeability of blood vessels, and relieve muscle spasm and pain.


Chrysanthemum sitz bath is to use decocted herbal medicine soup for the prevention and treatment of prostate disease. Sedentary men especially office workers prone to suffer from poor blood circulation in reproductive organs, and chrysanthemum bath can play a role in promoting genital blood circulation which effectively prevents the occurrence of male physiological dysfunction.

Through chrysanthemum liquid fumigation bath, local tissues and blood vessels get full expansion, along with the use of chrysanthemum medicine directly on the prostate and perineum, it is to improve prostate function and shorten the course of disease. In addition, the chrysanthemum sitz bath has the wonderful function that improves male physiological function.

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According to a survey, almost nine out of ten men could have hemorrhoids, and when there's a hemorrhoids break out, it is difficult to sit and lie, because of the unbearable severe pain. 

Hemorrhoids are mainly caused by stasis of local anal blood flow, so it is suggested that while taking a chrysanthemum sitz bath, men may consciously do anal contraction action, it'll enhance anal sphincter function, improve local blood flow as well as soften local tissue, not only it will alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also it can effectively prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

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The specific way of preparing chrysanthemum sitz bath: 

Pour the decocted chrysanthemum liquid (cool to about 40℃, it is appropriate to put the hand into and not feeling hot) into the wooden pot, sit for 10 to 30 minutes each time, add a proper amount of hot water when the water temperature is reduced, so that the water maintains at a suitable temperature, 1 or 2 times a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

If you do not want to decoct liquid medicine, sitting in hot water with the right amount of chrysanthemum will also do.

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