Recommended Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment is mainly based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Author: John
Time: 2016/11/21 9:30:30

Bacterial prostatitis shows high rates of response to therapy and high likelihood of cure and hence is reputed to be an easy-to-manage infection. In fact, contrary to its chronic counterpart, bacterial prostatitis responds well to therapy with antibiotics like penicillins and cephalosporins. It is believed that the intercellular microenvironment of an acutely infected prostate may become permissive to the diffusion and distribution of a number of drugs. In fact, there is empirical evidence that, similar to the scenario occurring in the case of brain infections, where inflammation partially disrupts the blood-brain barrier, bacterial prostatitis -induced inflammation may alter the tight adhesion of prostate glandular cells, thus allowing various antibacterial agents, including betalactams, to “leak” through intercellular spaces, easily reaching the ductal/luminal sites of infection.

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Despite prompt responsiveness to antibiotics, bacterial prostatitis is a serious condition, occasionally requiring treatment in an inpatient setting due to the risk of onset of severe complications like life-threatening urosepsis, or to the likelihood of evolving into category II chronic bacterial prostatitis or category III chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Bacterial Prostatitis is often caused by ascending urethral colonization, but other spread modalities have been described for this infection, for example, direct seeding from transrectal prostate biopsy procedures. Factors predisposing to bacterial prostatitis can be unprotected sexual intercourse, urinary catheterization, use of transurethral instrumentation, and other procedures that may facilitate the delivery of pathogens to the prostate gland in an ascending fashion.

Growing number evidence demonstrate that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for chronic bacterial prostatitis treatment has a striking effect on prostatitis. We know that bacterial prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland, doctors may describe some antibiotics, such as Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, Doxycycline, Ciprofloxacin,etc, if the post prostatic massage urine culture results are positive, then treatment with appropriate antibiotics is likely to be successful.

Recent Chinese herbal medicine remedy in chronic bacterial prostatitis treatment has a prominent influence on chronic, patients begin to try herbal medicine to treat inflammation, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which results in effect of that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for chronic bacterial prostatitis treatment. For most conditions, there is evidence to know that TCM methods work for the conditions for which they are used. Herbal medicines will also ensure coordinated and safe care.

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