Lists of Benefits of Applying TCM for Treating Chronic Prostatitis

Author: John
Time: 2019/8/9 15:57:30

Lists of Benefits of Applying TCM for Treating Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is one of the common and frequent diseases in andrology. And the clinical treatment of chronic prostatitis is quite troublesome because of its complicated symptoms, long course of disease and easy relapse. 

In recent years, with the development of TCM andrology, TCM has made some progress in the etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of this disease. A large number of medical literatures show that traditional Chinese medicine has certain curative effect on this disease, which is one of the important methods in the clinical treatment of chronic prostatitis.

First of all, TCM can treat chronic prostatitis more thoroughly. We all know that chemical medicine usually uses antibiotics to treat chronic prostatitis. However, the causes of chronic prostatitis are complex and less than 10% of them are caused by bacteria. So for the vast majority of patients, antibiotics don't work. 


While TCM treats from the root cause, and emphasizes the whole deduction and systematic treatment, so the treatment of chronic prostatitis in traditional Chinese medicine is not lying in what factors cause the chronic prostatitis. 

Instead, it focuses on the conditioning compability to mobilize the function of the body and enhance the body's immune to conquer disease. So Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic prostatitis can achieve the effect of treating both symptoms and root causes.

Thirdly, TCM is safer for treating chronic prostatitis. It is widely proven that chemical medicine which is often antibiotic can produce drug resistance, and may lead to hepatic and renal dysfunction and some other harm to the body. So even for patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis, taking chemical antibiotics may lead to the dysregulation of bacteria in the body.


In that situation, a continuous intake of antibiotics can aggravate the disease or develope complex complications. While Chinese medicine is prepared in strict accordance with the proportion of herbs prescribed in the formula, and the medicinal herbs come from natural world which appear almost zero toxic effect, so the side effects are negligible and the damage to patients is minimal.

TCM commonly treat patients by using heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine and ingredients for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and the effect is satisfying. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is the trademark of TCM can be a good choice. This natural herbal medicine not only has the functions of eliminating inflammation, dispelling bacteria, clearing heat, wiping out toxins and promoting blood circulation, but also is harmless to patients and guarantee the safety and effectiveness.

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