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  • Eight Tips for Patients about Daily Care of the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    Daily pelvic health care is also essential, and poor treatment will cause other gynecological diseases. So what should women do in daily life to reduce the recurrence of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?....
    Tags: PID health care
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/8/5 18:36:38
  • Does Pelvic Effusion Cause Tubal Blockage?
    Can pelvic effusion cause tubal blockage? Today we are gonna talk about the relationship between pelvic effusion and tubal obstruction.....
    Tags: Pelvic Effusion, tubal blockage cause
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/8/3 16:28:45
  • How Do I Know If There Is a Pelvic Adhesion?
    If it is not detected and treated in time, it will eventually lead to female infertility. What are the symptoms of pelvic adhesions? How do I know if there is pelvic adhesion?....
    Tags: Pelvic Adhesion symptoms
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/8/1 16:50:51
  • How Do People Prevent Pelvic Infection in Summer?
    Summer is coming, how should we prevent the occurrence of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease again? Lets look at a few common methods.....
    Tags: pelvic infection prevention
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/7/30 15:36:54
  • Harms that the Vaginitis Could Bring to Women
    Vaginitis is an inflammation of vaginal mucosa and submucosal connective tissue in woman clinic. It is very harm for women. So what are the common harms that got vaginitis to everybody ?....
    Tags: Vaginitis harm
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/7/29 17:18:04
  • Women Can’t Ignore Harms of PID Even There Is No Symptom
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/10/13 11:20:43
  • Do mind Pelvic Inflammatory Disease without Symptoms
    In dealing with the clinical diagnosis of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, it is recommended that: the patients actual symptoms should be viewed as the principle factors, and the later inspection on the patients is taken as a subsidiary reference. But there are not a few patients, with little symptoms or, whose symptoms are minor compared to those normal cases, ending up ignoring the severity of actual disease they have already contracted.....
    Tags: pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/8/26 12:32:54
  • Some Signals Imply You Are Infected With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    Pelvic infection could affect womans psychological and physiological state. So once found abnormal phenomenon, the body should be taken seriously. How do you check yourself whether you are suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? According to experts of department of gynaecology, when the following six abnormal situation appear, you must be on the alert and ask doctors for help to cure PID.....
    Tags: PID, PID symptom
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/5/11 15:35:43
  • Three Gynecological Diseases Caused By Men
    Why some women with well personal hygiene still infected with gynecological diseases? Or sometimes they are washed clean, but their husbands still say their private parts smells abnormal when having sex. So, where does this peculiar smell come from?....
    Author: John
    Date: 2016/4/29 13:40:04
  • Prevent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease easily by doing the three things
    The relapse rate of chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is dramatically increased due to the widely accepted premarital sex, which shocks men and women. Due to the severe consequences of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, more and more women are afraid of affecting this condition. Actually, the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is preventable as long as the three things can be done by women.....
    Tags: PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, fuyan pill
    Author: lixiaop
    Date: 2016/3/3 9:31:42