Antibiotics Not Effective Against Cystitis? Other Measures Can be Tried

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Time: 2019/5/8 15:57:04

Antibiotics Not Effective Against Cystitis? Other Measures Can be Tried

cystitis is a major disease affecting the health of contemporary men and women. It is a common urinary tract infectious nephrology disease. The main cause of the disease is virus infection. Generally speaking, E. coli is the main pathogen. Patients with cystitis usually have symptoms of frequent urination, urgency and urinary retention. Severe cystitis sufferers will also have hematuria and incontinence, or even urinary pus.

For the treatment of cystitis, the general manifestations are as follows:

  1. The general treatment of cystitis is for the patients with mild symptoms. We can increase the urine volume of patients by more water intake, bed rest, and balanced diet as well as supplementary nutrition. These measures can be carried out by adjusting the related life rules, and also hot water sitz bath can be applied at the same time. General treatment mainly focuses on increasing the physical resistance of the patients.


2. The common treatment of cystitis is antibiotic therapy to eliminate bladder inflammation. In the first episode, patients can choose appropriate antibiotics for treatment according to the results of urinary bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test. Commonly used antibiotics are amoxicillin, norfloxacin and so on, generally speaking, antibiotics oral intake or infusion for about three to seven days, and the symptoms begin to improve.

3. For patients with induced chronic cystitis, targeted treatment should be adopted. In the treatment, we need to find the root cause of the disease and remove it, such as the removal of urethral obstruction, bladder stones or other foreign bodies. If cystitis is caused by the spread of other diseases, we should start with pathogens in order to eradicate cystitis.

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4. Natural treatment of cystitis is also a commonly used method. For patients with ineffective antibiotic treatment, they are prone to have recurrent symptoms or stubborn resistance to drugs, and the condition will develop into chronic disease. At this time, it is not recommended to continue using antibiotics. It is possible that patients have developed resistance to antibiotics and the body can be recuperated by natural hers without side effects and to achieve an ultimate cure with enhanced immunity.

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5. Surgical treatment is recommended for severe cystitis. If cystitis glandularis is treated by electrocision or electrocautery, bladder irrigation is used after the operation. Surgical treatment of cystitis may cause bodily harm, and it is generally not recommended unless for some cases.

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