Why is herbal medicine as a new approach needed in endometriosis treatment option?

Author: John
Time: 2016/11/11 9:42:45

endometriosis is a common gynecological disease that affects up to 10% of women in their reproductive years. It causes pelvic pain, cervix bleeding, severe dysmenorrhea, and subfertility. The disease is defined as the presence of tissue resembling endometrium in sites outside the uterus. Its cause remains uncertain despite >50 years of hypothesis-driven research, and thus the therapeutic options are limited. Disease predisposition is inherited as a complex genetic trait, which provides an alternative route to understanding the disease. Greater understanding of the pathophysiology of endometriosis should lead to better diagnostic methods and targeted treatments.

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In recent years, the researchers who make efforts to improve the efficacy and safety of treatment of endometriosis. In previous studies for the treatment of endometriosis, antibiotics were often regarded as first choice for the doctors as well as patients. However, some common adverse events of antibiotics frequently occur, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and serum sickness. Based on the complexity of disease, the side effects of antibiotics can variable from patient to patient and from antibiotic to antibiotic. What is the role of antibiotics in the pathogenesis of endometriosis? Unfortunately, the detailed mechanism regarding specific contribution of endometriosis progression is not clearly elucidated yet.

Nowadays, altered treatment of herbal medicine in endometriosis has been reported in endometriosis pathogenesis. Herbal medicine treatment plays a unique role in endometriotic tissue, where it interacts with the cytoplasmic apoptotic machinery and inflammatory complex to promote cell death and enhance adhesion and proliferative activities of endometriotic tissues. To better understand the efficiency of herbal medicine treatment, it is important to know the unique properties of herbal medicine treatment. The main highlights of herbal medicine as follows:
1. Herbal medicine function inhibits progression.
2. Herbal medicine interacts with cytoplasmic apoptotic machinery to prevent apoptosis.
3. Herbal medicine could suppress adhesion and proliferates.

Fuyan Pill is a kind of herbal medicine, having a greater effect on reliving the symptoms of endometriosis, including irregular menstruation, menstrual extension, and ventral pain and other relevant symptoms. Comparing to antibiotics treatment, Fuyan Pill is considered as herbal medicine with more efficiency and safety. To improve the curative effect permanently, to avoid suffering the antibiotics side effects, patients with endometriosis should choice a tailed cause of herbal medicine according the stage of disease. This differential regulation might be attributable to the differences in duration of treatment among patients. What is more important, it is used in endometriosis and make use of nature plants, without any side effects.

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