Seminal Vesiculitis - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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seminal vesiculitis is called the inflammation and usually an infection on one or both vesicular glands, in great number of cases are secondary to prostatitis though it may happen independently. Seminal vesiculitis is always leaded by E. coli, streptococcus hemolyticus and Staphylococcus aureus. When they are 20 and 40 years old, males are more likely to have it, blood in semen is always accompanied, that is the typical symptom.

Types of seminal vesiculitis

There are two types of seminal vesiculitis: chronic and acute seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis usually caused by prostatitis. The main symptom is hematospermia which means sperm is either mixed with red or coffee colored blood.


Seminal Vesiculitis Causes

The causes of vesiculitis are lots of like bacterial, viral as well as other unidentifiable causes. A number of the causes and risk components of seminal vesiculitis incorporate:

Through urethra bacteria which might enter the seminal vesicles

Inflammation from the testis or epididymis can spread locally and lead to seminal vesiculitis.
Infection from the prostate, rectum or bladder can spread directly towards the seminal vesicles and cause seminal vesiculitis.

Other infections or lesions, as the bacteria travels through the blood vessel, for instance tonsillitis and gingivitis could also bring about seminal vesiculitis.

Acute seminal vesiculitis can be led by aspects which trigger congestion of prostate or seminal vesicles, for instance excessive alcohol intake, suffering from cold, excessive sexual intercourse, harm for the perineum location and prolonged stress.

Any obstruction of blood towards the perineum region.

Excessive heat within the physique.

Seminal Vesiculitis Symptoms

Discomfort is present inside the reduce abdomen, perineum region and groin in acute seminal vesiculitis.

Discomfort is present just above the upper pubis area and in the perineum region in chronic seminal vesiculitis. Pain worsens after ejaculation.

Urination and defecation aggravate heavy pain in the rectal region.
Frequent urination, urgent urination, and burning urination include Issues with urination.
It is difficult to empty the bladder.
The frequency of emission which is usually purulent and bloody is improved.
You can find blood in semen and urine.
Weakness which is generalized.
In case of acute seminal vesiculitis, fever and chills are caused.
Having pain when ejaculation.
Sexual need is decreased.
Ejaculation which is premature.

Seminal Vesiculitis Diagnosis

Seminal vesiculitis is diagnosed with semen analysis and digital rectal exam (DRE). Sometimes blood test is performed. Semen analysis is performed to check if there're large amount of white blood cells and red blood cells. Semen culture is also necessary to check if there's infection.

Seminal Vesiculitis Treatment

Antibiotics are offered for treating it.

This disease can be cured by herbal medicine "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" within several months, dissipating hard lumps, clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting Qi and releasing pain, dissolving stasis, improving blood circulation, are the functions of it.
Without the need of any obstruction patients need to take a rest in order to maintain the bowel movements.

Sexual abstinence needs to be practiced by patients.

A healthful and balanced diet regime needs to be consumed. Spicy foods and alcoholic beverages need to be avoided too.

By meditation and maintaining oneself busy in some hobby, attempt to maintain oneself relaxed and good.
Patient needs take rest in order to maintain the bowel movements without the need of any obstruction.

Patient needs to practice sexual abstinence.

Avoid spicy foods and alcoholic beverages. Consume a healthful and balanced diet regime.

Attempt to maintain oneself relaxed and good by meditation and by maintaining oneself busy in some hobby.

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