How to Take Good Care of Your Health after Endometriosis Operation?

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Time: 2019/8/6 17:01:35

How to Take Good Care of Your Health after Endometriosis Operation?

endometriosis is one of the common gynecological diseases, although it is a benign lesion, the harm should not be overlooked and it is easy to recur. After surgery, patients will become very weak, vulnerable to infection, and it may cause some sequelae, such as dysmenorrhea and so on, so after surgery, routine care is very crucial. So how do patients take care of themselves after the operation?


1. Vitamin E supplementation

Vitamin E can help keep a balance of hormones and strengthen human immunity. Legumes contain a lot of vitamin E. Patients can take vitamin B group and pantothenic acid (B5) three times a day, 120 mg each time. It can promote the production of blood cells and hormonal balance. 1000mg of vitamin C and bioflavonoids each time, three times a day can also help the recovery of the damaged tissue.

2. Exercise

Exercise helps to treat endometriosis, there is evidence that women who exercise regularly are less likely to have endometriosis. Try floor stretching exercise, bicycling or other activities that don't push your body too hard.

3. Anti-inflammatory treatment

Anti-inflammatory treatment should be treated to prevent recurrence after having an operation. If there is recurrence after surgery, patients can also choose conservative natural medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment.

4. Eat fish containing N3 fatty acids

N3 fatty acids can inhibit the production of prostaglandins (prostaglandins, a class of unsaturated fatty acids released by the prostate, which have a variety of physiological effects), is a natural anti-prostaglandin medicine, which is also beneficial to your recovery.

5. Balanced diet

Drink more water, eat less dairy food, and limit the intake of meat.


6. Avoid or reduce caffeine intake

Studies have found that caffeine in soda drinks, coffee, tea, and other beverages can aggravate the pain in women with endometriosis, so it is advised to avoid or reduce caffeine intake.

7. Hot compress

Drink more hot drinks and rest in bed. Apply hot steam or hot water bags to the abdomen or back, which can relieve the discomfort of women with endometriosis. 

8. Cold compress

If hot compress is ineffective, you can use cold compress instead and put the ice bag directly in the lower abdomen position, it may be useful to you.

Exercise is helpful to treat endometriosis, therefore, it is suggested that patients should exercise moderately for rehabilitation treatment. In addition, a balanced diet and regular lifestyle are also effective methods for your recovery. Wish you recover as soon as possible. 

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