Experts Analyze the Reasons for Low Libido in Men

Author: John
Time: 2018/12/29 14:21:49

Patients suffering from low libido are more painful, not only it will seriously affect their health, but also it affect the feelings of husband and wife. For loss of libido, every male is very concerned, then What causes the decline of male sexual desire, and how to analyze it? Here's the views from experts:

First, Bad Habits

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Chronic alcoholism caused by long-term alcohol abuse, chronic nicotine poisoning caused by long-term heavy smoking, and drug users can also have loss of libido.

Long-term loss of libido not only affects the marital relationship, but also the specific reaction of physical and mental conditions. Therefore, it should be given enough attention.

It is necessary to carry out physical health check in time and find out the problem timely. Married couples have a gradually decreased sexual desires with age, it is an inevitable trend of physiological development, generally not considered to be morbid.

Second, The Disease Factor


Suffering from genitourinary diseases, uncomfortable reactions during sexual life, thus inhibiting sexual desire, such as Chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, Urethritis and so on. In this case, it can be treated by orally taking natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

This TCM formula works to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, combined with antidote, anti-fibrosis and anti-proliferation, so that the enlarged prostate and enlarged seminal vesicles are retracted to normal size. Testicular mass can be eliminated and patient's pain and falling sensation can go away. 

And at the same time, the medicine is used to carry out root-based sterilization and anti-inflammatory in the deep part of the lesion to prevent the possibility of recurrence.

Also, endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases, etc., may also affect sexual desire due to too little orrogen secretion or metabolic disorders.

Third, Emotional Factors

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Sexual life should be carried out in a state of pleasure and joy. If there are long-term psychological barriers and many adverse factors, it can lead to loss of libido.

Such as the sense of guilty for the past history of masturbation, or the pessimistic disappointment towards life, and the repeated frustration upon careers, interpersonal tensions, family misfortunes, etc. the consequent depression, grief and inequality can lead to loss of libido.

What's more, if you are engaged in heavy labor for a long time, especially mental labor, it will also cause loss of libido.

So in conclusion, there are many reasons for men's low libido in life. I hope that these factors introduced by the experts can help the majority of men, and at the same time, hope this can be of some help for their treatment. I hope that every male can have a healthy body and happy life.

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