Six Bad Habits Lead to Decreased Prostate Resistance

Author: john
Time: 2019/7/13 19:12:22

Many bad habits are easy to cause prostatitis diseases, the vulnerable prostate should be paid attention to in daily life, now comes the question, how to take care of the health of prostate? In recent years, prostate disease has shown trend of high incidence, which makes men feel disrupting. 

In fact, the occurrence of this disease has close relationship with our lifestyle and eating habits. In order to prevent the disease, we must pay attention to the following issues.

1. Alcoholism:

After drinking, alcohol is absorbed by blood and then flows to all parts of the body. The prostate is a very sensitive organ to alcohol. When stimulated by alcohol, the prostate will be excited, local capillaries expand rapidly and become congested, causing cell edema. The higher the concentration of alcohol in the blood is, the more serious swelling of the prostate will be. If the swelling is not released and relaxed for a long time, it will cause inflammation.

2. Sedentary lifestyle:

The prostate is an accessory gonad, similar to an inverted pyramid, located between the bladder and pelvic floor muscles, enclosing the urethra. Its position determines that men will be sitting on the prostate to a large extent, so the burden of the prostate is heavier for men who often sit for a long time. Because of oppression, it is easy to cause congestion of the prostate, accumulation of local metabolites, obstruction of the prostate duct, inadequate excretion of glandular fluid, leading to chronic prostatitis.


3. Spicy foods

Stimulating foods such as green onion, garlic, pepper and so on, they can cause vasodilation and organ congestion, reduce the resistance of the prostate, and may also cause rapid growth and reproduction of colonies living in the prostate, induce acute prostatitis, or aggravate the condition of chronic prostatitis. It is an important reason for the recurrence of prostatitis in some people who can not keep away from spicy food.

4. Cold stimulation 

Prostate has abundant adrenergic receptors, when it is exposed to coldness causing increased urethral internal pressure and affecting urination. And difficulty in urination will have adverse effects on the prostate, such a malignant circulation can cause prostate lesions.

5. Holding your urine

Prostate disease is most likely to occur and recur in winter, the reason is that many people usually hold their urine because of the sold weather. In the low temperature environment, the excitability of prostatic sympathetic nerve would increase significantly, which cause the contraction and chronic congestion, increase pressure in the urethra, aggravate the deposition of prostatic fluid, and easily lead to the onset of prostate disease. If you hold your urine and reduce the urination times, it will lead to slower metabolism, and aggravate the condition

6. Irregular sexual Life

Too much sex can lead to excessive congestion of the prostate and induce prostatitis. Excessive suppression of sexual desire will cause deposition of prostatic fluid and induce inflammation. Coitus interruptus and in vitro ejaculation will affect prostate health, too.

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