Chinese Herbs to Cure Pelvic Adhesions

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/9/15 9:18:16

Pelvic adhesions caused by infections or inflammation in pelvic cavity can be cured by patented traditional Chinese medicine "Fuyan Pill". The effect of "Fuyan Pill" to cure pelvic adhesions is accepted by the public. "Fuyan pill" - the best cure for pelvic adhesions, is of no side effect and drug resistance.

Symptoms of pelvic adhesions

1 Systematic symptoms rare occur. Some patients would have fever or neurasthenia.

2 The develop of chronic inflammation and lesions would cause hyperemia in pelvic cavity, which lead to lower abdominal pain, lower back pain. These pain often aggravates after sex or menses.

3 Irregular menses or heavy menses would occur. If the adhesion occur in fallopian tubes, infertility would be a problem

Treatment of pelvic adhesions

1 Laparoscope
By watch and observe the type of adhesions, they can be cut off. Progestin is frequently used after the operation for the growth of endometrium. Some patients can be pregnant when they recover. However, the adhesions recurrence rate after laparoscope is rather high, because the inflammation is not been dislodged.

2 Traditional Chinese medicine
Because pelvic adhesions is caused by inflammation and infection, by eliminating the inflammation and infection, and treating in the hyperplasia and fibrosis, adhesions can be dissolved slowly. Herbs which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis also help to dissolve the adhesions. Because traditional Chinese treatment can eliminate the inflammation and infections, adhesions would never recur.

"Fuyan Pill" cures pelvic adhesions

"Fuyan Pill" as a patented traditional Chinese medicine, cures pelvic adhesions in three to four months. The effect of Fuyan Pill is proved by thousands of sufferers. Successful rate of curing pelvic adhesions is quite high.

In the prescription of Fuyan Pill, there are herbs which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, can clear away heat and toxic material, can kill bacteria and other pathogens, can treat hyperplasia and fibrosis, and herbs can dissipate hard lumps. When all those herbs working together in pelvic cavity, the adhesions can be dissolved and expelled.


1 Eat more insipid food, or food which can be easily digested.
2 Do not eat cold or icy food. Eat less melons.
3 Spicy food is forbidden in the treatment.
4 Baked, fried or greasy food are not good for the disease.
5 No smoking and drinking during the treatment.