Humble Prostatitis Should Also Rise Our Attention

Author: john
Time: 2019/8/7 16:58:17

Sometimes we may don’t have the obvious symptoms of prostatitis such as dyspareunia, frequent, urgent and painful urination. Or sometimes we experience the situations such as without passion for sex, uncomfortable on our reproductive organs and so on, we may simply consider those are just we aren’t in the right mental state, not have good sex desire or disturbed by other bad things but ignore that maybe those are the signs sent by our body and tell us that we have prostatitis. 

Prostatitis can be divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Acute prostatitis can be easily found as patients will have obvious uncomfortable and painful feeling, with fever and chilly even have difficulty for urination. And it’s normally caused by the bacterial infections. 

Chronic prostatitis is caused due to various reasons like masturbation, poor personal hygiene, excessive drinking, poor urination habits, and staying up late and so on, usually easily been ignored due to the symptoms are not obvious and will be much more difficult for curing as patients often miss the best treatment period.


If prostatitis infection don’t be concerned strictly and get timely treatment it will result in more complicated diseases like orchitis, cystitis, oligospermia, decreased quality of sex and even infertility. Besides, prostatitis not only can spread to other reproductive tissues, but also bring inflammatory bacteria to sexual partners in some conditions, so timely treatments are necessary and encouraged.

Now treatments for prostatitis vary. Simple antibiotic therapy combined with healthy lifestyles such as staying up less late, eating a healthy diet and exercising more, but most patients are not willing to take too much antibiotic, as the chemical composition prone to produce drug resistance so that the disease persists on repeated attacking. Physical therapy is not advisable and only used to the mild stage or taken as adjuvant therapy. 

Surgical treatment is only considered for the severe cases as it poses some risks. Natural treatment such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, can release and eliminate the inflammation of reproductive organs, at the same time build up body's resistance and avoid possibility of disease repetition. So now it is more and more popular and won widely affirmation and is used for all processes of curing the prostatitis.

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