Causes of Terrible Foamy Urine

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/4 15:33:50

Typically, the surface tension of urine is very low, and there is less foam. Sometimes urine contains some organic substances and inorganic substances, then the urine tension becomes strong, and there will be some foams. However, the emergence of foamy urine is not necessarily a sign of the disease. When the composition of urine changes due to various reasons, the surface tension of urine increases and foam increase.

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Causes of foamy urine:

1. Liver and kidney diseases

If the bilirubin or protein content in urine increases, the surface tension of urine also increases, and more foam can be produced in urination.

2. Urinary system diseases

These diseases like cystitis and UTI will make the urine composition prone to change and produce bubbles. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively improve the urination discomfort and other symptoms of patients without producing side effects.

3. Diabetes

When diabetes mellitus occurs, the urine sugar or ketone body content increases, the acidity and alkalinity of the urine changes, and the urine surface tension increases, and foam occurs.

4. Gas-producing bacteria

When gas-producing bacteria exist in the urinary tract, foam can be produced in the urine.


In short, there are many reasons for foamy urine, but if there are too many foams in the urine, and they are large and last for a long time, it is advisable to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Reminder: if the urine bubble automatically dissipates in a short time, there is no problem. If the urine foams last for a long time and do not disappear, it may indicate that your kidneys may have problems, and it may be proteinuria. Proteinuria is an important symptom of nephropathy, and you need to pay great attention to it. For a long time, there should be a urine test in a regular hospital.

How to know if you have foamy urine?

1. Foam

The urine does not disappear for a long time, and it suggests that it may be proteinuria. And surface tension increases because there is protein in the urine, which makes the foam in the urine not easy to disappear. In addition, the urine of patients with liver diseases often contains yellow foam, and the residues time is very long.


2. Transparency

Normal urine is clear and transparent. If the urine discharged is turbid, the precipitation after rest is mostly salt urine. In addition to diet, attention should be paid to whether there are sand grains; if any, there may be stones. If the urine is purulent turbid, often accompanied by flocculent, it is called pyuria, which is a symbol of urinary system infection.

3. Odor

Normal fresh urine has a special odor. After a period of the setting, the urine decomposes and releases ammonia. Therefore, it has the odor of ammonia, which is the manifestation of chronic cystitis and urinary retention. When there is diabetic ketoacidosis, it can smell like an apple. In addition, some foods and medicines, such as garlic, onion, valerian, and so on, can also make urine have a special odor.

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