Maintain Good Flora Balance Can Reduce the Risk of Recurrent Vaginitis

Author: John
Time: 2018/12/22 17:33:40

Although vaginitis is divided into several types, on the whole, it can be roughly divided into two categories. One is because the pathogens of the outside world enter the vagina to cause inflammation, and the other is the imbalance of the bacteria in the vagina.

The former is what we call mycotic vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis and some bacterial vaginitis; the latter is another part of bacterial vaginitis and non-specific vaginitis.

Let's talk more about "flora imbalance." There are more than 30 resident bacteria in the vagina, the most common of which is Lactobacillus


It is recognized as the most important probiotic member of the normal vaginal flora. 16 kinds of Lactobacilli have been isolated from the vagina, among which the lactobacillus producing H2O2 plays a key role in maintaining vaginal self-purification and anti-infection.

There are of course other anaerobic bacteria whose function is to maintain a stable micro-ecological balance, which is actually a barrier. In addition to the labia minora which can form a natural physical barrier, the flora balance in the vagina is also critical. They are like the generals who guard different regions, collaborating and restricting each other.

Therefore, as long as the balance of the flora in the vagina can be maintained, the recurrent episodes of vaginitis can be effectively reduced.


But how to maintain the flora balance?

1. Do not rinse vagina frequently

In some cases, such as too much vaginal discharge, serious vaginal contamination, or the need to flush the vagina to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, the doctor will tell you that you need to rinse the vagina. In addition, no matter what kind of lotion or medicine is used, do not wash your vagina too frequently, let alone make it a habit. 

2. Change bad habits in life

Under normal circumstances, the occurrence and development of vaginitis has a certain correlation with sexual life. The impact of sexual life on the balance of the vaginal flora is evident, especially for people with frequent sexual activities.

Therefore, for patients with regular sexual life, please pay attention to the cleaning of both partners before and after sex; if there are obvious symptoms of infection, it is recommended that the both sexual partners should get the treatment.

If there is no plan for pregnancy, or if there are multiple sexual partners, please use condoms for contraception and protection. If you are currently in the process of medication, be sure to stop having sex.

3. Receive timely treatment

I hope that everyone can bear in mind that timely inspection and treatment are the right way to treat diseases. For example, taking TCM Fuyan Pill can effectively alleviate the symptoms of vaginitis, its heat-clearing and detoxifying, insecticidal and anti-itch effect can be symptomatic treatment, directly reach into the lesion to cure the disease.

4. Follow closely to the line of the doctor's advice

Strictly follow the doctor's advice to eradicate the cause. To be frank, Lack of regular medication and self-withdrawal are possible problems for all patients, which should be avoided.

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