Infertility: Staying up Late and Sleep Deprivation

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/10 18:37:28

Probably you guys may not know that actually many male infertility is caused by testicular spermatogenesis due to environmental factors. X-ray, excessive radiation from marble, chemotherapeutic drugs, and even cell phone signals may cause a decline of sperm count and vitality, increased abnormality rate and DNA fragmentation rate, seriously affecting male fertility.


Experts warn that sperm is sensitive to electric radiation, and excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause sperm quality decline and sperm DNA damage, which may lead to male infertility and female abortion. It is recommended that mobile phones and computers with wireless Internet access should not be placed near the testicles.

Many young people can not get off their mobile phones, and they are not only exposed to the signal radiation for a long time but also has a significant impact on sleep time and quality. Some young people stay up late to play with their mobile phones for a long time before they get in bed and sleep. 

Three major impacts:

Androgen metabolic disorder

Androgen is one of the most important synthetic reactions in the human body that must be accomplished during sleep. An American study shows that if an adult sleeps for less than five hours for seven days, his androgen levels drop significantly, and his sexual desire drops dramatically. Persistent hormone disorders eventually lead to male sexual desire reduction, erectile dysfunction, and other issues.

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The decrease in sexual function

Many men may not know that during nighttime sleep, they may also have an involuntary erection about average four times. The penis is fully rested and nourished because of the erection at night, and the hormones in the body are regularly regulated. Some scholars have found that low sleep quality can affect erectile function in men. 

If sleep time is less than 6 hours per night, it can increase the probability of erectile dysfunction in men. In addition, premature ejaculation and sleep also have a certain relationship. In the andrological clinic, premature ejaculation patients often have troubles of poor sleep. Through drug intervention in sleep, we found that premature ejaculation can also be improved to some extent.

Quality and quantity of sperm

Many people stay up late to work overtime, which can not avoid sitting for a long time. It is easy to induce prostatitis and may also lead to increased local testicular temperature and slow internal blood circulation, which will undoubtedly affect men's spermatogenic function.


Doctors have warned that staying up late and not getting enough sleep has become the top killers of male reproductive health. Staying up late and insufficient sleep can lead to male endocrine disorders and immunity reduction, which can easily lead to sexual dysfunction such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, chronic prostatitis and epididymitis, and infertility. 

Patients should take active and scientific treatment in time. The epididymis is abundant in blood supply, and the drug efficacy is easy to reach the focus. It is not difficult to cure epididymis with natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and reasonable conditioning measures. Finally, it is reminded that patients must develop good habits of work and rest, so as to avoid adverse effects on your fertility.

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