Prostatitis: Drinking Milk A Lot Aggravates Your Condition

Author: John
Time: 2019/8/31 16:40:09

According to research, men who like dairy products have a higher risk of prostate cancer than men who don't eat much at the same age.

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In one study, 21,000 men were followed up for 11 years and found that men who consumed more than 600 mg of calcium per day through dairy products had a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer than those who consumed less than 150 mg per day.

Simple calcium intake will not have adverse effects on the prostate, but the survey said that calcium is extracted from milk. Therefore, the critical factor - milk can not be ignored. Milk contains animal protein, which provides more androgens; it will aggravate the symptoms and condition of prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a safe and efficient natural medicine, can effectively treat prostatitis. It also has anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis effects, so it can improve the condition of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In addition, milk can also promote the transformation of carcinoma in situ of the prostate to clinical cancer. Animal protein is an acid food, which can increase the burden of the kidney, produce a large number of oxygen free radicals in the body, and accelerate the aging of the prostate.


Researchers in Philadelphia, USA, has also confirmed that eating more dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer in men through epidemiological surveys over the past ten years. Domestic studies have also found that milk intake is significantly associated with the incidence of prostate cancer, which may have some relationship with the high estrogen content in some brands of milk.

Fortunately, some plant compounds in fruits and vegetables have some anti-cancer effects. Lycopene is a vital carotenoid, which widely exists in fruits and vegetables. Tomato, apricot, guava, watermelon, papaya and red grape all contain more lycopene, especially tomato.

American researchers followed up 46,000 men for six years and found 773 cases of prostate cancer. The study found that people who ate 2-4 times a week of raw tomatoes had a 26% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who did not eat fresh tomatoes. Tomato pizza and tomato paste also had the same effect.

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Direct consumption of lycopene can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene has the strongest antioxidant activity in natural carotenoids. It can protect genetic material DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and regulate hormone status. Its anti-prostate cancer effect has been confirmed by many studies.

Therefore, in order to protect our prostate, men still have to drink milk moderately, do not drink it as a drink. In addition, when drinking drinks, we should pay special attention to nutritional balance, so we might as well eat more tomatoes and fresh fruits every day to balance our body function.

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