Potential Dangers of Coitus Interruptus You May Not Know

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/17 18:13:36

Coitus interruptus refers to how the penis is pulled out and the semen is ejaculated outside the woman's body when ejaculation is about to take place during sexual life. It is often used as a contraceptive method, but it is unreliable and harmful to the body. From the 18th century until the development of modern contraceptive methods, coitus interruptus has been one of the most popular contraceptive methods in Europe, North America, and other places. 

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Coitus interruptus is harmful to both men and women in the following aspects:

1. Contraceptive failure

Coitus interruptus refers to the immediate interruption of sexual intercourse at the moment of the orgasm, so that semen is placed outside. This method of natural contraception often fails to achieve the purpose of contraception. Why? When sexual excitement is at its orgasm, a small part of semen will spill into the vagina with the contraction of vas deferens. Although the amount of semen is small, the number of sperm is considerable, so women are easy to conceive. According to statistics, if a hundred couples use this method for contraception, thirty women will become pregnant.

2. Sexual neurasthenia

During the whole process of men's sexual life, their sexual response is controlled by the cerebral cortex. Psychological and physiological stimulation during sexual intercourse can cause a series of changes in response. High excitement can cause mental tension, heart rate acceleration, blood pressure rise, and so on.

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At the same time, the genital organs show erection due to penile vascular congestion and muscle contraction. Because of long-term in vitro ejaculation, repeated stimulation to the prostate may lead to the occurrence of prostatitis, over time, men are prone to sexual neurasthenia, premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, and other diseases. Patients should be checked and treated in regular hospitals in time. They can also be radically cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

3. Anejaculation

During sexual intercourse, sexual excitement is high, and the erection of the penis is harder before ejaculation. If forced interruption of sexual intercourse occurs at this time, the function of the central nervous system and the lumbosacral ejaculation center will be impaired. Over time, it is easy to suffer from anejaculation.

4. Low sexual desire in women

When sexual intercourse reaches its climax, women do not have sexual satisfaction at this time. The interruption of sexual intercourse will make the woman's sexual excitement drop dramatically, and adverse psychological stimulation. If this goes on, it will lead to low sexual desire.

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5. Discord between couple

Coitus interruptus, a seemingly scientific contraceptive method, often creates barriers between husband and wife. If the woman is pregnant, the man may mistakenly think that the woman is not chaste, which causes a quarrel; and forcibly interruption of sexual life will have an adverse reaction to sexual intercourse, and cast a shadow on the relationships between husband and wife.

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