Traditional Chinese medicine to cure glandular cystitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2010/8/16 17:16:18

What is cystitis, how to treat cystitis, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"

"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", developed by Dr. Lee's Clinic with many years of clinical studies and researches, is an effective medicine to cure glandular cystitis.And we have already applied for the national patent and the application number of this medicine is 200910157894. The recipe of this medicine has efficacy on activating blood and resolving stasis, clearing heat and relieving toxicity. If the patients take this medicine, their symptoms will be alleviated notably in a few days. Three to four months or so, the symptoms of glandular cystitis will be clearly eliminated and the bladder mucosa of the patient will become normal.

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1.What is glandular cystitis?

Glandular cystitis is a kind of lesion caused by proliferation of mucosa, and urothelial hyperplasia is the pathological manifestations of this disease. The cracks will be produced and branch-shaped and ring-shaped cavity will be formed, and glandular structures will also appear in the center of urinary tract. Glandular cystitis has the potential tendency of deterioration, and it is the lesion of Bladder adenocarcinoma. Therefore, the patients with glandular cystitis should actively search for treatment to avoid cancer. The West tends to provide surgical treatment for this kind of proliferative lesions, but its recurrence rate is rather high after surgery. Many patients have to take the same surgery for many times and this makes them rather miserable.

2. Medicine to cure glandular cystitis

After more than ten years of clinical studies and hard researches, Dr. Lee's Clinic in Wuhan finally produced the medicine which can completely cure glandular cystitis and it is name is "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"s. If the patients take the magic medicine-- "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"s, their symptoms such as difficult urination, hematuria, urinary frequency and dysuria will be eliminated. After about four months, their bladder tissue become normal and the follow-up biopsy become normal too. Hence, the complete cure is achieved.

The traditional Chinese medicines such as Pangolins and Plantago and so on are included in the recipe of this medicine, which have the effect of activating blood and resolving stasis, relieving pain and activating Qi, so this medicine can completely eliminate pains from patients. Dr Lee applied the ancient recipe to the cystitis lesions tested by modern medical instrument, and therefore "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"s has a much more magical efficacy. Since "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"s has the effect of promoting blood circulation and resolving stasis, it has the function of anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis, and detoxifcation. According to clinical studies, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"s has unique effect of eliminating mucosal hyperplasia of glandular cystitis, and this medicine can effectively eliminate lesions and has the function of anti-cancer. That is the unique and magical charm of TCM. There are many patients who are in despair after suffering from the recurrence of the disease. However, having taken treatment in Dr Lee's Clinic for several months, they made quick recovery from their illness and had confidence in their life again.

3. Causes of glandular cystitis

The real causes of glandular cystitis are still unclear. Most people believe that if the urinary bladder is stimulated by the infection and obstruction of the urinary system and concretion for a long time, the benign lesion will be emerged within the submucosa. A normal person's mucous membrane of urinary bladder is formed of transitional epithelium. When the mucous membrane is chronically stimulated by the inflammation and obstruction, local mucosa tissue will develop into epithelial tissue and hence glandular cystitis is produced. Given its relation with urinary tract infection , the male cystitis glandularis is often mingled with chronic prostatitis.

In most cases, glandular cystitis has the symptoms of chronic non-specific cystitis. The main clinical manisfestations of glandular cystitis are urgent micturition, frequent urination, disuria, hematuria and other urinary symptoms.

4. The treatment principles
1).Glandular cystitis is a mucosal proliferative lesion. And the mucosal congestion and grain-sized transparent or papillary cystic bulge are found in pathological regions through cystoscope. Pathological manifestations of glandular cystitis are urinary tract epithelial hyperplasia, in which gap, or branched or cyclic cavity emerges, and glandular structure appears in the center.

2).For patients with glandular cystitis, unequal sizes of mucosal follicular changes appear in their vesical neck, triangular region, inside urethral mouth, and seminal hillock. Or polypoid protrusions emerge, often in cluster formation. Mucosas with pathological changes would become congested and dropsical, resulting in mound-shaped bulges and thickened vascular texture.

The institutions practicing Western Medicine always offer surgery as the treatment of glandular cystitis. As a matter of fact, the recurrence of this illness after surgery is very common among patients. Many patients have to take surgery repeatedly. And at last they have to turn to the treatment of TCM for help. It is good news for these miserable people to take the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To cure glandular cystitis, pangolin and other medical materials are absorbed in the prescription of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", which have the effect of activating blood circulation by removing blood stasis, softening hardness to dissipate stagnation, promoting circulation of Qi to relieve pain, so this medicine is capable of relieving pain from patients and eliminating lesions. So "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" along with other traditional Chinese medicines has a unique efficacy to cure glandular cystitis.

3).For patients with urgent micturition, dysuria, urinary frequency, hematuria, or dysuria, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" has the herb plantago to eliminate bladder irritation.

Since the medicine to cure glandular cystitis has the effect of promoting micturition, detoxifing and sterilizing, activating blood circulation to promote circulation of Qi, and softening hardness to dissipate stagnation, the following smptoms such as urgent micturition, dysuria, urinary frequency, hematuria, and dysuria can be eliminated. And the bladder mucosa of the patient would become normal.

As the male urinary bladder is close to prostate, when the cystitis glandularis is treated, the prostatitis will be also treated.