White Discharge after Urination or Stool Not Always Prostatitis

Author: John
Time: 2016/8/12 14:58:26

In the clinic, we see many patients complains that they find thin or thick white discharge after urination or stool, they may ask is this a sign of prostatitis? In fact, the white discharge after urination or stool may be not caused by prostatitis, but a physiological reaction.


Purely White Discharges May Be Caused by Physiological Reaction

For adult male, many may have such experience that they could see thin or thick white discharges secreting from urethral orifice, especially after urination or stool. Some people are afraid of infecting with prostatitis. However, this kind of worry is redundant, because the purely white discharges may be just a physiological reaction.

This kind of white discharge is always appearing in men with abstain life, irregular sexual life, or with frequent sexual drive. This group of men secretes prostate fluids every day, but these fluids cannot release in a reasonable way, and they might restore inside body. When they put in energy to urinate or stool, due to an increasing abdominal pressure, the prostate fluids will overflow by urethra, which can be called as white discharge after urination.

If there is no other symptom, men don't need to worry too much about the purely white discharges. Sometimes, this phenomenon even indicates your prostate is keeping a benign secretion function. What's more, white discharge can be avoided after a regular spermiation by intercourse or masturbation.

Frequent White Discharge Following the Irritation Symptoms In Urethra and Bladder Can Be Caused by Prostatitis

If patients always appear white discharges after urination, even accompanying with pain, frequent urination, night urination, red and swelling in urethral orifice, purulent secretions, these symptoms are abnormal, and can be seen as pathological change, which needs us to see the doctor immediately.

It's essential to give priority to check urine test, by checking white cells, pus cells, especially red cells, urinary cast. If the urine test is normal, the next step is to check the condition of prostate fluids, prostate, and seminal vesicle.

If necessary, patients could also take mycoplasma, chlamydia culture test to check the pathogens. If excessive white cells appear in prostate fluids or swelling in prostate, it can be caused by prostatitis. If the normal antibiotics show no significant effect, they could take conservative treatment Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

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