Can Chronic Prostatitis Infect Female Company?

Author: John
Time: 2016/8/10 16:17:29

When talking about chronic prostatitis, many male friends won't be unfamiliar. It can be a trouble thing may affect half of the men. Especially in hot summer, when people have less outdoor activities, but choose to stay at home to play computer, watch TV, or sit for a long time, all these activities will cause blockage of qi and blood circulation, which can be the reason behind blood congestion in private parts, and saw the seeds for prostatitis.


Chronic prostatitis may cause big inconvenience to male groups, which can be manifests as the following three aspects. Firstly, it may cause difficult micturition, such as frequent or urgent urination, endless urination, and painful urination; secondly, chronic prostatitis can cause pain, which spreads to pelvic, pubis, scrotum, and premium; thirdly, it can produce psychological effects, such as depression and anxiety, weakness, sleep disorders, hectic fever, hyperhidrosis, memory deterioration, etc.

Chronic prostatitis can cause big inconvenience to males, it also worries females. Can prostatitis transmit to females through sexual life? The experts suggest that although some prostatitis can transmit by sexual activity, then cause female reproductive diseases, it not means all.
The prostatitis with transmission features always reflect as mycoplasma, chlamydia and other special courses of infection, however, most prostatitis are chronic and nonbacterial type, they won't be infectious, and female do not need to worry too much. But for security, it's safer to use condom during your sex.

As for chronic prostatitis patients, it's important to take good daily care. Good mentality and healthy lifestyle is conducive to chronic prostatitis treatment, while the following seven suggestions is proposed towards male group.

  1.  Keep self-hygiene and cleanness, take more showers, especially the scrotum, in order to avoid the damp and hot of seminal vesicle.

  2.  Control sexual lives, too frequent sexual lives will increase the burden of prostate, and we need to take some adjustment according to human's bodies. However, a complete abstinence of prostatitis patients also does harm for patients' recoveries. What's more, a regular lifestyle demands us do not work overtime or stay up late. An irregular lifestyle will reduce your body immune system, so to change it, we need to do more excise.

  3.  Drink more water, frequent urination will help prostate to secrete more prostate fluids. While take more nutrient foods, especially zinc-contain foods are benefit for the recovery of disease.

  4. To avoid the pressure on prostate, such as riding bicycle or horse. These exercises won't press prostate, or cause blood congestion of prostate, and can prevent the exacerbation of diseases.

  5. Keep soak your affected region with hot water everyday is good for your curative effect. However, the requirement is more complicated for childless patients. Because if the temperature of hot water is high, or soak for a long time, it will causes infertility, which needs us to pay much attention.

  6. Do not eat spicy food in your diet, because spicy food are easily trigger blood congestion of prostate, and affect your recovery.
    Prostate is male's “Protector”, all male friends need to protect prostate well, and keep it away from the trouble of bacteria.

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