Eight Things Can Kill Sperms We Need to Notice

Author: John
Time: 2016/8/15 11:30:31

Although adult men produce millions of sperms every day, these “tiny tadpole” are easily affected by the outside issues. The sperm need 75 days to grow up, if get injuries, its consequence will affect male's fertility. There are eight things can kill sperms we need to know, especially for the men who wants to have children.


Evidence Shows Eight Things Are Sperm Killers

1.    Taking a Bath

Testis needs to keep a lower temperature than other parts of the body could they work normally. And high temperatures will affect the number and mobility of the sperms. Some experts consider that if the temperature of sperm is higher than 36.7 degrees centigrade, the sperm will stop generation, and will suffer negative impacts for more than several months. The study shows that soaking in the bathtub filled with hot water over 30 minutes will reduce the sperms number.

2.    High Fever

The research shows that after male get fever, the sperm concentration will reduces 35%.

3.    Laptop

When the laptop works, its inner temperature will increase to 70 degrees centigrade and a long-time laying the computer on your legs will elevate the temperature of scrotum over nearly 3 degrees centigrade, then causes a decrease of sperm.

4.    Wearing Tight Underpants

The tight underpants cause negative infects of the production of sperm. When the scrotum is tightly wrapped in a narrow space, without the circulation of air, as the temperature rises, these issues will impede the growth of sperm.

5.    Varicose Veins

Varicose veins will cause a higher local temperature of scrotum. With the increase of active material in blood vesicle, the consequence is that the spermatogenetic function of scrotum will under the influence.

6.    Mobile Phone

The research shows that, men who use mobile phone for more than 4 hours, their number of sperms will get remarkable decline, and its mobility and shape will also become worse.

7.    Obese

A new statistic from WHO suggests that, comparing to people with normal weight, the obese men will suffer a lower testicular function, with a declined sperm number.

8.    Party

During the party, people cannot avoid the abuse in smoking and drinking alcohol, which will greatly damage their genital function and sexual function. Drinking alcohol will also affect the quality of sperm, and block the production of sperm, and smoking can damage the mobility of sperm, even injure the DNA of sperm, and then increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

What's more, if men have such infertile of reproductive problems, they also need to not lose their confidence, but have a prompt visit and treatment in the hospital, and herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill will also help them return to a healthy body condition as well as a happy family.

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