Prostatitis is Hard to Talk About, Yet it’s a Serious Matter

Author: John
Time: 2018/12/21 18:30:35

Prostatitis is Hard to Talk About, Yet it’s a Serious Matter

With the ongoing life standards and the increasing openness of sexual attitudes, especially the popularity of computers and mobile phone networks, teenagers are easily exposed to pornographic images, so as to generate adverse sexual stimulation to them. 

Coupled with increase of male and female hormones in adolescent boys, physiological sexual impulse will be generated, and the result is frequent masturbation. Eventually, the prostate will be repeatedly congested, and prostatitis will be easily induced when the resistance is lowered.

Once a high school student was taken to the hospital for treatment of prostatitis due to urinary symptoms, people can't believe or even suspect that children might have sex life. Many people think that prostatitis only happen to adult men and is related to sexual activities. It has nothing to do with teenagers.


It is a misconception and will bring psychological pressure to teenagers

As we all know, prostate disease is the number one hazard to men's health. It not only causes sexual dysfunction, but also affects fertility.

"About 30% of the patients who go see the doctors are teenagers", according to Dr.Lee, Wuhan TCM Clinic, who's an expert in prostatitis treatment . "Not only it would affect their study, but also it harms their psychological status". 

So, in addition to excessive masturbation, what else is closely related? If children are not masturbating, the boy's large amount of prostatic fluid because of sexual excitement can not be normal released, and long-term pelvic congestion will make the prostate liquid deposition, it is also easy to cause inflammation of the prostate.

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Excessive foreskin is also a reason. Many of the adolescents have the problem that their phimosis and foreskin are too long. If the foreskin is too long, and there is no regular cleaning, there will be dirt deposits, which may cause inflammation of the foreskin.

The bacteria will retrograde from the urethra and reach the prostate to colonize, so as to cause prostatitis

Another one is related to the current exam-oriented education. High school students have very heavy academic tasks. They often do not exercise until they go to bed in the morning. Long-term sedentary is not only easy to cause hemorrhoids, but also oppresses the pelvic cavity and causes pelvic floor neuromuscular dysfunction, which can also induce prostatitis.

So when people hear about inflammation, many people will think of antibiotics, which is completely wrong. Prostatitis can be divided into nonbacterial prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis

Only bacterial prostatitis requires antibiotics, and because of the special structure of the prostate, it is difficult to reach to the prostate gland. If the effective concentration is not reached, it will be difficult to produce an effect.

Therefore, when choosing antibiotics, both antibiotics covering the bacteria and those with high lipid solubility are needed to reach the prostate gland easily. 

Generally, there are many nonbacterial prostatitis, and various factors that cause passive congestion should be avoided. Such as not sitting for a long time, and treating with the method of blood circulation activation and blood stasis removal.

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For example, Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice, its heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, blood circulation promoting and blood stasis removing effect can effectively alleviate the disease, and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does not contain antibiotic resistance, patients can take it with safety.

Because prostatitis will increase the patient's mental stress, patients with prostatitis on the one hand after masturbation will have a sense of guilt, and it is difficult to resist the physiological impulse when they want to get rid of it; on the other hand, they worry that it will affect their sexual capibility and future marriage.

If patients think that their symptoms are aggravated, they should keep their mind open while they are taking the medicine. Patients should also stay in positive attitude, concentrate on their studies and work, and don't worry too much.

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