Instruction of Li Xiaoping and Fuyan Pill

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Time: 2016/8/4 16:46:00

The Fuyan Pill has been researched and made through three decades of empirical medicine and clinic practices, which was authorized by the state patent.


The treatment principle: the Fuyan Pill has the function of clearing the inner heat and invigorating the blood circulation. It can also do good to the spleen and stomach and fight against the fibrosis and calcification. It further can get rid of the leucorrhea odor, regulate menstrual cycle and exterminate pain, reaching the goal of strengthening up the body while treating the disease.

Treatment sphere: the Fuyan Pill can apply to a large mount of patients who have got the gynecological diseases. It can treat the infection of mycoplasma and chlamydia, kysthitis, endometritis, pelvic infection, cervicitis, hydrosalpinx, oviduct adhesion, and etc.

Formula: with a good curative effect, the Fuyan Pill comes hard combined with a lot of precious Chinese herbal medicine including mainly radix bupleuri, fuling, Chinese yam, rhizoma atractylodis, Angelica sinensis, peach kernel, flowers carthami, liquorice, honeysuckle, trogopterus dung and etc.

Dosage and taboos: when taking the medicine, female patients must stick to the suggestions made by the doctors. Any kind of pungent food, alcohol, smoke should be strictly banned. Greasy food and stimulative seafood are also included. Simply put, only eggs, pork, fruits and vegetables can be edible for the patients. Without a well regulated and proper diet, the treatment period may be elongated.
Dosage: take the medicine in half an hour after the supper. One bag a time and two bags a day. It can be divided into two to three helpings if the stomach and intestines do not function well. One month can be a course of treatment.

Warning: the medicine can not be accompanied by extra Chinese medicine at the same time. The pregnant are not allowed to take the dosage. Do not take when in menstruation. Contagious patients are forbidden to take currently to avoid cross-infection.certain patients may have slight diarrhea which can be alleviated itself.

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