How to cure infertility caused by tubal conditions?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/1/21 11:30:24

Fallopian tubes where places for sperm and egg combing are the most important organs or women. If one has one of the fallopian tubes blocked, she still has chance of get pregnant via natural ways. On the contrary, if one has both fallopian tubes blocked, the ways for them to get pregnant is IVF or taking surgery.


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Since the fallopian tubes are so important. How to cure infertility caused by tubal blockage becomes the top question asked by women.


Fuyan Pill – a new but effective alternative treatment of infertility caused by tubal blockage

Fuyan pill is an herbal medicine that approved by SIPO on 2011. This herbal medicine is the star product on Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic. According to the owner of Dr. Lee, this herbal medicine has lots advantages that traditional western treatments don’t have. By adding different herbs in. some needed functions can be enhanced and some useless functions can be weakened or neutralized. Based on the clinical testimonials of patients of Fuyan pill, women can try to conceive at the third month treatment with fuyan pill.


IVF – an expensive but with high successful rate treatment

IVF is more suitable for people whose tubal blockage is severe. IVF also suits for people who have both fallopian tubes removed, because no fallopian tubes need when one is going to take this treatment. The successful rate of this treatment is high. However, due to the environment of uterus can be affected by infection from fallopian tubes. environment of uterus needs to be improved before taking the IVF.


Surgeries – the most traditional treatment but with high recurrence rate

In most cases fallopian tube conditions are cured with surgeries which are the most traditional treatment. Tubal Anastomosis, salpingostomy and Tubal Implantation are 3the most common three treatments of people. However, surgery is invasive and has several possible side-effects, one of the most common one being the risk of developing ectopic pregnancies. Very slight conditions can recover without any medical care. In other cases, the patients' problems can be solved by medications such as TCM. 

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