Tell the contagious cervicitis from its pathogen

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/1/21 11:25:37

How to tell whether the cervicitis a contagious disease or not? Actually, this is an easy question. But before answering this question, we should figure out the cervix first.


Cervicitis is a condition that has inflammation in the lower genital tract. This condition is commonly caused by infection such as chlamydia, mycoplasma or gonorrhea. In addition to infection, this condition can also be caused by other reasons such as healthy living habit or postoperative infection and so on.


Generally speaking, the cervicitis can be contagious only when the pathogen belongs to STD. take the chlamydia for example. Once the cervicitis is caused by chlamydia, this type of cervicitis is contagious. But if this type isn’t caused by chlamydia or other infection belongs to STD. it won’t be a contagious disease.


Of course, the cervicitis can also be caused by other problems like postoperative infection, healthy living habit or long-term stimulation or childbirth, abortion and so on. When the cervicitis is caused by these reasons mentioned above, it is not contagious.


Therefore, there is no need for all women who have cervicitis avoiding sex. Only can people who have the cervicitis caused by infection such as chlamydia, mycoplasma or gonorrhea avoid the sex in case of cross infection.


Although some of the cervicitis isn’t contagious, this condition still needs to be solved timely, for damages on cervix and the nearby organs can be caused. To solve this problem, surgery is always recommended. But due to the high recurrent rate of surgery on this condition, Fuyan Pill which is herbal medicine is highly recommended.


Fuyan pill suits this condition more than other treatment due to these unbelievable functions. By adding more than 50 herbs in, it can promote blood circulation, improve QI, clear heat and toxic materials, and enhance immunity and self-healing ability. According to Dr. Lee, the recurrence rate of Fuyan pill on cervix can be as lower to 10%. 

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