Does endometrial hyperplasia go away after menopause?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/2/23 19:32:40

Does the endometrial hyperplasia go away after menopause? Figuring out the definition of hyperplasia is the priority. According to Oxford Dictionary of English, it refers to the enlargement of an organ or tissue caused by an increase in the reproduction rate of its cells, often as an initial stage in the development of cancer. Therefore, if there is hyperplasia, it won’t be a good thing. 

endometrial hyperplasia

But I am glad that this article is about can the endometrial hyperplasia go away after menopause. Generally speaking, there is no accurate answer. Some has this problem disappeared after menopause. But some may have the endometrial hyperplasia worse. What’s more, it is hard to tell who would have the endometrial hyperplasia gone and who would have the hyperplasia severe.

In general, the endometrial hyperplasia can be classified into three types based on the form and structure of gland and the existence of abnormal glandular epithelial cell. 1. Simple hyperplasia: it is a physiological response of endometrium that is stimulated by progesterone antagonist for a long time. This type has no abnormal glandular epithelial cell. 2. Complex hyperplasia: glands are crowd in the lesion area and the mesenchyme reduces dramatically, but no abnormal glandular epithelial cell can be found. 3. atypic hyperplasia: there is abnormal glandular epithelial cell which belongs to Endometrial epithelial tumors. There are mild, mid and severe three types.

Although the accurate reason of this condition still is unknown, the long term stimulation from estrogen taking the major responsibility is widely accepted by the public. Therefore, after menopause, regular test for this condition is still needed.

If you are the one that have the hyperplasia solved, you are lucky. But if you don’t have the good fortune, please do not worry about it, the endometrial hyperplasia is curable. Women with this condition can take Fuyan Pill as a cure. Fuyan pill can balance the hormone of women and eliminate the hyperplasia for women. What’s more, this herbal medicine also can improve the blood circulation and QI, enhance the immunity and self-healing ability and dissipate hard lumps and so on. Therefore, please do not worry about it, the endometrial hyperplasia is curable.

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