Prevent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease easily by doing the three things

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/3/3 9:31:42

The relapse rate of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is dramatically increased due to the widely accepted premarital sex, which shocks men and women. Due to the severe consequences of pelvic inflammatory disease, more and more women are afraid of affecting this condition. Actually, the pelvic inflammatory disease is preventable as long as the three things can be done by women.


Improve immunity by exercising more

Disease always occurs when the immunity is weak. Due to the high pressures from work, family and other aspects, a large number of office ladies stay sub-health. Hence, the immunity and the resistance of their body become weaker and weaker. Therefore, pathogene can invade vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes easily, which leads to pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, to prevent the pelvic inflammatory disease, women need to exercise more in the spare time enhancing the immunity. During the lesion time, women can take short walk after dinner.


Build healthy hygiene and sex habit

Since most of the pelvic inflammatory diseases are caused by untreated vaginitis, cervicitis and salpingitis. Therefore, the pelvic inflammatory disease can be prevented by curing diseases timely. While curing these diseases, healthy personal hygiene helps a lot on preventing. During the menstrual period, sanitary towel needs to be change every one to two hours. What’s more, sexual intercourse should also be avoided during the menses. Underpants should be changed every day.


As for the sex habit, genitals of both should be washed. The sexual partners should also be limited too. Protected sex is also needed. Therefore, condoms are needed.


Avoid malnutrition and excessive weight loss

An unhealthy concept that slim is beautiful is widely spread. Affected by this concept, more and more women start to lose weight by replacing staple food with fruits. However, this is not right and this behavior can make our body stay in malnutrition state. Therefore, the resistance ability of our body declines and various infection, complications and virus would flush and lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Women should eat balanced good.


But if you already affect the pelvic inflammatory disease, excepting taking herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill to get a cure, following the three things mentioned above can also quicken the recovery speed. But prevention is better than curing. Please follow the three things for a good prevention.

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