Does endometriosis cause tube blockage?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/2/4 19:45:51

Can endometriosis bring tubal blockage to women? To answer this question, we should figure out the definition of endometriosis and its complications. 


According to dictionary, the endometriosis is a condition has the presence of uterine lining in other pelvic organs, especially the ovaries, characterized by cyst formation, adhesion and menstrual pains. The ectopic endometrial tissues have the same function with the normal endometrial tissues. It always shades and regrows with the menstrual circle. Due to this reason, the endometriosis can spread and take root on the nearby organs.

As for the tubal blockage, it is a condition that has the fallopian tube blocked and no sperm or egg can pass through.

Because of the characteristics of endometriosis, when the endometrial tissues spread to and take root on the fallopian tubes, the fallopian tubes can be blocked. In addition to this reason, when the endometrial tissues existed in the pelvic cavity and bring adhesion to the adhesion, the fallopian tubes can also be affected and the tubal would be blocked by this problem. Therefore, endometriosis can bring tubal blockage to women, but the change isn't very high. It depends on how severe the endometriosis is. Therefore, women who have the endometriosis should pay attention to this condition and receive timely and proper treatment.

To prevent the tubal blockage, excepting the endometriosis, women also have to avoid inflammation in pelvic cavity. Therefore, diseases like PID and chlamydia should also be avoided. Therefore, the best treatment for this situation would be a treatment that can solve both the endometriosis and tubal blockage.

Herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill is such kind of herbal medicine that meets the need mentioned above. fuyan pill not only can eliminate the endometriosis for women, but also can unblock fallopian tubes, because fuyan pill has so many amazing functions including promoting blood circulation, enhancing QI, dissolving stasis, clearing infection and dampness, improving self-healing ability and immunity and so on. 

All in all, the endometriosis can cause tubal blockage, but the tubal blockage is preventable and curable. As for the endometriosis, it also is curable. There is no need to worry about the two conditions as long as women can receive timely and proper treatment.

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