Why PID should be specially focused?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/2/4 19:39:40

PID which is also known as pelvic inflammation is an inflammation occurring on women's upper reproductive organs such as uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes and so on. According to an early research that published on 1990s, the incidence rate of PID in women on their reproductive age was approximately one in nine. Obviously, the PID is a widely spread condition. 

 pelvic inflammatory disease

PID normally leads to ectopic pregnancy or infertility due to these reasons. Generally speaking, the PID can produce scarring tissues on organs like fallopian tubes, due to the stimulation of inflammation. The extensive scarring can eventually occlude the fallopian tubes and affect the movement of cilium in tubes. When the fallopian tube is completely blocked, the infertility occurs. But when the fallopian tubes half blocks and only allows sperm passing through, the ectopic pregnancy happens. 


As a major cause of ectopic pregnancy and infertility, money that the government and patients spends on PID and its complications is high. In 1988, a study estimated that the money they input in the USA was in the vicinity of $64 billion. As for recent years, the number increases dramatically. 


In contrast, the cost of preventing PID and its related infertility issues are much lower. More and more money are used on primary stuffs such as educating safer sex, douching, proper usage of condom and treatment of chlamydia and other STDs. The cost on such preventive measures not only is a minuscule fraction of the cost spending on treatment, but also effective on reducing the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.


Moreover, the PID is also a condition that hard to be diagnosed. It is easy to be misdiagnosed with other conditions like tubal blockage, infection on pelvic cavity and so on, because of the same symptoms. 


All in all, PID or pelvic inflammatory disease is a condition that needs us to spend more time or conscious on it. Although PID is hard to be confirmed, the treatment of PID isn't complicated. The PID can be eliminated by antibiotics which is commonly used treatment or Fuyan Pill which is alternative treatment. No matter what treatment you would choose, the final point is radical cure. People with PID are better choosing treatment based on personal condition.

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