Can Herbal Medicine For Adenomyosis Be Better?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2016/1/15 20:24:21

Adenomyosis which is a condition that has the cells of the endometrium grow into the muscular wall of uterus is a condition that women know little about it, because it is harmless and painless most of the time. But sometimes when this condition becomes severe, symptoms like heavy menses, pain or infertility can also be led.


Although around 80% adenomyosis brings no harms to women, this condition still need to be avoid and those women are at high risk of affecting adenomyosis. Women who are in the childbearing years are at risk for developing this condition. Women who are over 30 years of age are the second condition and women who have had previous cesarean section or other uterine surgery should also take routine test in hospital in case of this problem.


Since the incidence rate of this condition is high and the causes of this condition still is not solved. No effective method is used on eliminating this condition. Therefore, a large number of women have to experience severe bleeding or prolonged bleeding.


Hysterectomy which is normally recommended has so many side effects such as postoperative infection, scar tissues and so on. What’s more, the recurrent rate of this treatment on this problem is high too, for the cells are unable to be removed totally by surgery.


With the development of globalization, TCM is known by more and more people. Herbal medicine as the main branch of TCM shows lots of advantages on adenomyosis. Take the Fuyan Pill which is approved by SIPO on 2011 for example. This herbal medicine brings no side effect or allergy to women. What’s more, this herbal medicine can promote the blood circulation, and improve immunity and self-healing ability and so on. What’s more, the stasis can also be dissolved and eliminated. Therefore, Fuyan Pill is a worth-trying adenomyosis treatment for women. In general, women who suffer adenomyosis can recover in three to four months.

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