Overusing of antibiotics has caused damage to the public health

Author: John
Time: 2017/1/20 15:43:59

Nowadays, it is bad news that the antibiotics are being over prescribed. The overuse of the antibiotics has brought serious consequences. A woman from Nevada died in September because she was infected with a drug-resistant bacterium, Klebsiella pneumonaiae., the bacterium was resistant to all kinds of antibiotics in the U.S, reported by the CDC.

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The lady was over 70 and she had been in India for years where she received antibiotics treatment for the broken leg and the bone infection. After many years, the bacteria had become resistant to all known antibiotics.
The case warns us the serious results of the overuse of the antibiotics. The antibiotics can be useful at relieving some symptoms such as pain in the beginning, but the longer a patient uses the medicine, the more resistant the bacteria will be. Why does this happen? When the antibiotics kill the bacteria, it only kills those weak bacteria. With the time going by, these surviving bacteria usually are stronger and less likely to be killed. As a result, the antibiotics which used to be effective will become useless. This is horrible for the patients, and the best way to cure the disease is to find a new approach such as natural remedy.
TCM, which is the abbreviation of traditional Chinese medicine, will not cause drug resistance to the human body. The TCM has been developed for thousands of years, and millions of people has benefited from the medicine. Besides, TCM is safer and more effective than antibiotics in curing many diseases.

Fuyan Pill, which is developed by Dr. Lee who has over 30 years of clinic experience, has been patented by SIPO. The invention of the medicine has helped numerous females in the world without causing any side-effects. Compared with antibiotics, fuyan pill can be used in the long-term because it stresses on the self-ability of the body to kill the bacteria. The pill has a complete formula which consists of many kinds of herbs such as angelica, red flower, honeysuckle and so on. Each of the herbs has its specific function. For example, honeysuckle is used to clear the heat and remove the toxins, thus relieve the inflammation of the female diseases. Chinese angelica is used to treat reproductive organs diseases in females, because it can relax muscles throughout the body.

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