Pelvic Pain Is a Main Symptom of Endometriosis

Author: John
Time: 2016/1/15 15:54:04

We can often read some news of women who experience bleeding in stomach or nose for a long time, and they can't cure their bleeding. After many checks, endometriosis was found out to be the cause. Why endometriosis can cause these? For it can not only exist in pelvic cavity, but also outside of it, like women mentioned above, they have endometriosis in stomach, nose etc, for some women, this can exist in head, eyes, intestine or even anus.


Even endometriosis can exist in many parts of our bodies, but we can't say there is an endometriosis wherever we have a bleeding. So how can we tell a bleeding as a symptom is caused by endometriosis?

Actually, pelvic pain is one of main symptoms for endometriosis, that is to say, pelvic pain can be a simple standard to judge the symptom of endometriosis. Symptoms of pelvic pain caused by endometriosis will be talked below.

Many women didn't try to diagnose endometriosis at the beginning, most of them were tried to diagnose the cause of their infertility, and they experience symptoms of pelvic pain like dysmenorrheal, pain during intercourse, pain in bowel movement, acute abdominal pain, increased frequency of urination which is seasonal etc. For a woman had caesarean, her pelvic pain can be increased by developing of seasonal lump which close to scar of the incision.

Dysmenorrheal caused by endometriosis: Some women have dysmenorrheal from the first time they had it, it means they have the symptom of primary dysmenorrheal. Some patients have secondary dysmenorrheal, it means they didn't have it in the past, but from one day on, they have it suddenly and it is more and more painful, they have dysmenorrheal gradually. And this kind of dysmenorrheal may occur before, during or after a period.

Pain during intercourse caused by endometriosis: It is a pain during or after intercourse, for endometriosis exists in posterior fornix of vagina or uterosacral ligament, so when a penis strikes a vagina, oedematous mucosa of tissues surrounded by can be pressed and nerve plexus can be stimulated, so a woman with the disease will feel pain.

Pain during bowel movement caused by endometriosis: For ectopia endometrial tissues exist in rectum and rectovaginal septum, so when a woman wants to do bowel movement, especially when her bowels are dry, her rectum will be pressed and cause a narrow rectal cavity, then she will feel the pain. And if ectopia endometrial tissues attack the mucosa of rectum, she may have hemafecia.

Besides 3 apparent pelvic pain symptoms, some patients with endometriosis have seasonal increased frequency of urination, painful urination or hematuria, for endometriosis exists in the bladder and oppresses the bladder. If a patient have ovarian cyst, when it grows too big or there is a torsion or rupture, the patient will have acute abdominal pain together with increased discomfort in anus.

Symptoms of pelvic pain for patients with endometriosis are mentioned above. If a woman can't get pregnant for a long time and some symptoms mentioned above, she needs to diagnose the disease by laparoscope. If she is diagnosed with endometriosis and don't want to get a surgery, she can choose Fuyan Pill as a type of Chinese herb medicine as a conservative treatment.

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