How Is Endometriosis Treated

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Time: 2017/6/6 16:16:27

It is estimated that 10% of females in the world are suffering from endometriosis. And some may have some difficulty conceiving a baby. If you have dysmenorrhea, feel unbearable pain 1-2 days before the menstrual period, or painful intercourse, severe abdominal pain, you may probably suffer from Endometriosis.

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How Does Endometriosis Cause Infertility?
-Endometriosis is a disease affect the function of ovary, the ectopic endometrium invade the ovarian tissue whose function has been infected, thus women cannot ovulate normally, and infertility may result.
-Fallopian tubes blockage and adhesion is usually another result of Endometriosis, the egg from ovary cannot be picked up by fallopian tube, or the fallopian tube lose the original functions, making women unable to conceive.

How is Endometriosis Treated?
Laparoscopy, except for diagnose, it is also used for surgery. It is thought the least invasive surgical path to give patients the minimum scars since surgeon makes very small incisions at the lower abdomen. Using laparoscope, an attached camera and small instrument, your surgeon can easily remove the diseased-tissue and adhesion.
Hysterectomy, is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in United States. The uterus will be partly or wholly removed depended on disease condition. In severe condition, patients cannot get pregnant.  
Fertility drugs such as Clomid or injectable hormones can be affective, following by the IVF procedure, but these kind of drugs aim to help patients get pregnant, with no guarantee of the treatment of the disease .

Alternative and Natural Treatment for Endometriosis
According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), when the flow of qi through our meridians becomes blocked, illness results. And Endometriosis is generally caused by Qi blocked, blood stasis, damp-heat invading lower Jiao etc. Based on both ancient therapy and modern technology, Dr. Lee who has more than 30 years clinic experiences combined more than 50 herbs reasonably and invented Fuyan Pill. We have seen a large number of cases where patients suffering from Endometriosis have been successfully treated with 4-6 months of this patented prescription.

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