The four main drug treatments for necrospermia

Author: John
Time: 2014/9/6 11:35:49

As we all know, life formation needs a perfect combination of sperm and egg. However, if the sperm has low motility, or even been killed, the fertility can be affected. And the necrospermia is a typical "sperm killer", which directly hinders the arrival of new life. For the treatment of this disease, drug treatments are commonly used. Here, experts will introduce the four main drug treatments for men.

1. Antibiotic therapy: antibiotic treatment mainly aims to cure the abnormal semen caused by chronic prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. Patients need to take the bacterial culture and sensitivity test experiments, and take antibiotics like erythromycin, kanamycin, ciprofloxacin, josamycin, norfloxacin, cephalosporin according to experiments situation. Besides, patients should avoid wine, coffee and smoke to reduce prostate congestion when taking antibiotics.

2. Anti-inflammatory drug therapy: Patients can take indomethacin (25-50 mg, three times a day), phenylbutazone (100 mg, 3-4 times a day) and so on. These drugs can reduce prostate congestion and swelling, which have certain effects on treating this disease.

3 Chinese medicine treatments:

Formula 1: National Patented Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The medicine mainly focuses on abnormal semen caused by the genitourinary tract inflammation. The herbal medicine is made from the reasonable compatibility of Plantain Seed, Talc, Dianthus superbus and other herbs. It has the functions of clearing heat and removing toxin, promoting Qi and releasing pain, and promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria. Besides, it is natural, that is, it can't bring damage to functions of liver and kidney.

Formula 2: "Dead sperm number one". The prescription is mainly to treat necrospermia caused by prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on. The prescription is: honeysuckle 30 g, Salvia 30 g, dandelion 15 g, root of rehmannia 15 g, teasel 15 g, angelica 12 g, Anemarrhena 9 g, golden cypress 9 g, red peony root 9 g, licorice 9 g. Patients can take this formula once a day and keep 3 months for one course.

To sum up, there are lots of drug treatments for necrospermia patients, but patients should be cautious when choosing them. Some drugs like antibiotics can bring much harm to the liver and kidney if patients take it for a long time. So for long-term consideration, patients can take TCM treatment like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. The herbal medicine has been recognized by more and more patients. It is trustworthy for all patients.