Good Habit Help You Prevent Necrospermia

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necrospermia is a disease referred to a low survival rate of male sperms, which is one of the main reasons cause male infertility. Stubborn necrospermia cursed by the patients who suffered it. While good habit can help prevent necrospermia from affecting male fertility. And Chinese herbs can let the patients free from it.

The Damage of Necrospermia

1.    Inflammation or Infection in Reproductive Organs

Necrospermia may cause inflammation in male, so it's essential to be alert to the damage of this disease. Through ejaculatory duct, the bacterial in the urethra can access to prostate, seminal vesicle, sperm duct, epididymis as well as testicle, which may cause inflammation and lesion, then lead to prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, vasitis or epididymitis. What's more, the propagation of bacterial in genital tract can further damage the sperm by secreting some harmful substatnces.

2.    Male Infertility

The combination of sperm and egg breeds new life. If the male's sperms show zero mobility, which means that there is no active sperm, and this directly lead to male infertility. Thus, for the couples without pregnancy for a long time, it's necessary to take the examination in the hospital to detect the what cause it.

The Cause of Necrospermia

1.    Infection

Chronic or acute inflammation of epididymis, sperm duct, seminal vesicle, prostate or genial gland all could reduce the mobility of sperm. While the influence for sperm mobility are attributed to various reasons. For instance, the mycoplasma could stick to the head, middle piece and end piece, which increase drag of hydrodynamic force, slows the velocity of sperm and affect the sperm motility and cell-penetrating ability. When mycoplasma growing, it can generate NH3, which may bring a toxic effect on sperm.

2.    Abnormal Sperm Liquefaction

No seminal liquefaction or high viscosity is the reason may cause male infertility; due to a low mobility of sperm can easily cause infertility. Among the non-liquefying semen, the spindly fibrous proteins are intertwined with each other, which decrease the activity space of sperm. As the sperm hampered, or as much as crude fibrous connecting with the fine fibrous forming the web, all these mechanical restriction may prevent sperm from precession, which eventually cause the disease.

3.    Immune Factors

Anti-sperm antibody could affect fertilization function of sperm from various aspects. It can influence the tail combination of between AsAb and sperm, which impedes the motility of sperm, reduces its exercise performance as well as penetrability, while this phenomenon has been proved by research.

4.    Endocrine Factors
Endocrine hormone not only plays an important role during the occurrence and maturity of sperm, but also affects the exercise capability of sperm. A high testosterone of seminal plasma can retrain the movement of sperm.

5.    Kartaqener's Syndrome
Kartaqener's syndrome is a congenital deficiency of ciliary structure, which manifests as the cilium cannot move in different ciliated cells, primarily the deficiency of dynein alms around the outside tube.

6.    Chromosome Abnormality
Except for affecting the number of sperm, the distortion of autosome and sex chromosome, it will also influence the motility rate or procession capability of sperm.

7.    Varicocele
Varicocele can cause male infertility more than one approach, it not only affects the occurrence of sperm, but also cause a deficiency of sperm motility. The principle of this condition is that the venous stasis of varicose can impede the micro-circulation, which leads to the lack of nutrient supplies as well as the digressions of the oxygen pressure, eventually causes the insufficiency of energy and endocrine function disorder. Except that, the varicose can cause autoimmunity as the generation of AsAb or the indirect infection of mycoplasma, all these reasons lead to the deficiency of sperm mobility.

8.    Other factors

(1)    The microelement as zinc, copper, magnesium in the seminal plasma can affect the quality of seminal fluid.
(2)    The deficiency or the decreased activity of enzyme can influence the sperm motility, as well as the short of vitamin or exposure to the high temperature or radioactivity environment or chemical poison can also lower the motility of sperm.
(3)    Smoking, alcohol drinking as well as the drug factors can also cause infertility. The materials such as nicotine in the tobacco may also give an indirect or direct damage to the sperm vitality. And long-term alcohol abuse can also cause such damage to people. As for the drug, there are lots of drug can influence sperm motility.

Good Habit Help Prevent Male Infertility

1.    Developing Good Living Habits
Developing good living habits can prevent the occurrence of various male diseases, such as epidemic parotitis, sexually transmitted diseases and etc. Cessation of smoking and drinking, having light diet, to avoid spicy and acid food as well as the super fatted foods, to take more nutrient food such as fish, lean meat, fresh fruits as well as vegetables can be good life habits. Restrain from overwork or leggings, but doing hot sitz bath can prevent the occurrence of male necrospermia.
2.    Know Some Sexual Knowledge

It's essential for males to know some knowledge about male physiological features or health care. If males detected their testicles are different from the normal time, which includes the changes as swelling, harden, irregularity, pain and other symptoms, it's necessary for them to see a doctor in hospital, for fear that the delayed treatment may cause necrospermia, and further affect male fertility.

3.    Avoid Exposure To Harmful Substance

In daily life, male should avoid exposed to the harmful substance. If they are required to work in the environment with the high temperature, radioactivity or harmful substances, it’s essential for them to comply the operational provisions and protective strategy. What's more, it's better for them to prepare baby in half year after end their jobs.

4.    Pay Attention to Premarital Checkup

Having detected the disease as soon as possible could avoid the sorrow after marriage. What’s more, a regular married life needs males avoid abstinence or addiction of sex. Having a healthy sexual life is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of necrospermia.

5.    Getting Rid Of Tobacco

Smoking does great harm for sperm, which can cause variation of sperm. Under this condition, the fetus can be the most direct victim, this can be also the reason why women in induction period cannot smoke, because it not only trigger variation in fertilized egg, but also cause bad influence for the development of baby, or even more serious result.

Herbal Treatment Cure Necrospermia With NO Side Effects

As for the male who has suffered from necrospermia, what's the best treatment for them?Compared to the western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill had a great effect in necrospermia treatment, which is a herbal medicine made in nature with no side effects.

Diuretic and Inflammatory Pill has the function of clearing heat and toxic materials, it can kill various bacterial or virus. With the feature of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis and inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia, as well as its anti-hyperplasia, anti-calcification, anti-fibrosis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can not only cure necrospermia, but also play a good role in treat other male reproductive diseases as chlamydia, mycoplasma, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis, which could help making your reproductive organs back to normal, and let males regain their fertility capability.

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