How Impotent Patients Exercise Themselves

Author: john
Time: 2019/7/20 16:27:00

Impotence brings great trouble to the lives of men, most sufferers will feel very low self-esteem, and it generally requires men to go to the hospital for medical treatment. However patients also need to pay attention to personal conditioning, for example, the following are some of the self-exercise methods available for them.

Men can selectively do some of the penile response training every day, they can choose to let the penis freely up and down twitching. For example, in the morning when they have an erection they could go to the toilet, and use their fingers to press gently from the front of the penis, and then push up the penis, so that it can approach a straight state. At the same time, close the anus, so that the penis repeatedly pushes up, this action usually takes a minute. This training is mainly to strengthen the penis sympathetic nerve excitation.


 Patients with impotence is better to sleep naked, because it can make the sexual organs fully relaxed, this also can prevent the occurrence of impotence. Before doing penis training they are suggested to prepare some ice water and hot water, massage from the root of the penis after putting it into the ice water, and then putting the penis into hot water about a minute later, continue to massage for another minute, so that thermal cycling can effectively promote the strength of the penis. 

The causes of impotence can be many, some men have this symptom is because of psychological factors, based on an incorrect understanding of sexual life, so that some proper psychological counseling would help them. If they can stay relaxed and maintain a happy state of mind, this also contributes to the treatment of it.

Patients with impotence need to regulate their personal emotions and avoid excessive mental stress. In addition, they could choose appropriate ways to release the pressure from their work and life, to avoid being overly anxious. They should adjust their personal living habits and participate in some outdoor activities such as climbing mountains and swiming.

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