A Woman Wanted to Divorce with Her Husband who had Necrospermia, One Medicine Saved The Family

Author: John
Time: 2015/12/7 10:53:44

For physiological defect, a man couldn't make his wife pregnant, after trying all kinds of treatments for 8 years, for wanting a baby too much, his wife wanted to divorce. Fortunately they found a very good TCM and finally they have their own kid.

They fell in love with each other in October, 2005, and got married in December. After getting married, the wife ran a shop and the husband was a long-distance driver, they loved each other very much. But they didn't have a kid after three years, their parents were very worried about it. So they went to get a check in a hospital, after the check, the husband was told he had necrospermia. After being treated in many hospitals, 4 years passed, but his disease was not cured, also the relationship between his wife and him was broken. The wife saw women at her age all had their kids, but after getting married for 8 years, she still couldn't be a mother, also been persuaded by her families and friends, she told her husband that she wants to divorce.


This was really a big hit to the husband, he loved his wife so much and he knew if his necrospermia still couldn't be cured, they would divorce and it would be the only result, that was too bad! Fortunately in the end a friend told him, there was a TCM which is very good for curing necrospermia! He was a little hesitate at beginning, for being treated by all kinds of medicines, could the TCM really cure him and save the family? But with the hope to stay together with his wife forever, he tried the TCM, it is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Only after several months, he was cured totally, for he obeyed all the things could or couldn’t do or eat while taking the TCM, also he did a great prevention. In the end of the year, his wife was pregnant and next year they can have their first kid! What a happen thing right? Why the TCM could cure the man, since so many medicines couldn't help him in the past? Because it is special. Made by several herbs medicines which are safe and green like food we eat, without any drug resistance or side effect, it really is able to cure necrospermia.

How about the man's friend who recommended the TCM? The husband and his wife thanked the friend so much that he is already the nominal father of the kid. Wish all the members in the family can be happier after the born of the baby.

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