UTI medicines vary from type to type

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/11/26 9:30:12

Based on the infection location, urinary tract infection can be divided into upper UTI and lower UTI. According to the relationship between the two infections, it can be classified into independent UTI or recurrent UTI. The UTI can also be divided into simple urinary tract infections and complex urinary tract infection due to the states of infection. Therefore, the treatment of UTI not only varies from people to people but also differs from types to types.

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1.      medications for acute simple urinary tract infection

Three days therapy suits for this type of UTI. People can take co-trimoxazole tablet, ofloxacin and levofloxacin orally, which is better than single medicines.


2.      medicines for complex urinary tract infection

The treatment depends on the severe level of this condition. In addition to the antibiotics, other problems like STDs, or lesion of urinary tract should also be cured at the same time. if possible, nutritional therapy is needed. If this condition is very severe, hospitalization requires, or this condition is unable to be solved by antibiotic therapy only. Moreover, the medications and dosage should also be adjusted with the change of condition and the drug sensitive test. The treating course lasts more than 14 days.


3.      Medications for recurrent urinary tract infection

This type infection, which is hard to be cleared, suits for treatment which do not have drug resistance problem. The toxic materials in urinary tract mutes, bringing resistance to the antibiotics you’ve taken. Therefore, medicines without drug resistance suit more. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill do not have resistance problem. It is pure herbal medicine curing this condition by promoting immunity system. What’s more, this herbal medicine also can promote blood circulation and QI, clearing toxic materials and bacteria. Generally speaking, recurrent urinary tract infection can be cured by this herbal medicine without low recurrent rate.


4.      Medicines for independent UTI

Independent urinary tract infection means this is the first time of occurrence and antibiotics are the best treatment options. Since this is the first time affecting urinary tract infection, the sensitivity to antibiotics must be strong. Therefore, independent urinary tract infection suits for antibiotics.


All in all. Although all type urinary tract infection can be cured by antibiotics, the curing principle of different types of urinary tract infection varies greatly.

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