Best antibiotic for UTI is only approachable if the five misunderstands can be avoided

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/11/6 17:23:19

UTI that is also known as urinary tract infection is a common disease, especially for women after menopause. Generally, UTI is easy to be cured after simple but qualified treatment. However, there are also clinical patients who experience relapse immediately after curing or lingering UTI, which are mainly caused by some misunderstandings. Therefore, what is the best antibiotic for UTI becomes the top question to be asked. 

There is no best antibiotic for UTI. The best antibiotic for UTI only happens when patients avoiding the five misunderstandings that list below.


Misunderstanding one: taking antibiotics without urine analysis and antibiotics of drug resistance test

A large number of clinical patients with urinary tract infection tend to take antibiotics without urine analysis and antibiotics of drug resistance test. They are accustomed to take drugs without consulting. However, this is incorrect. The urine analysis and drug sensitivity tests guide patients choosing the right antibiotics. On the contrary, without the two tests, the abuse of antibiotics increases the in check of UTI. 

Misunderstanding two: taking insufficient dosage of antibiotics 

Due to the concern of side effects caused by antibiotics, UTI sufferers prone to cut the antibiotic dosage to avoid severe consequences. Actually, adequate dose of antibiotics is indispensable, for toxic materials can be eliminated quickly and diseases can be healed in a short period. underdose of antibiotics are unable to kill all bacteria, which allow the existence of bacterial infection and even transformation of bacteria.

Misunderstanding three: overdose of antibiotics

In addition to taking inadequate antibiotics, taking too much antibiotics is another mistakes that patients love to make. They though that taking double dosage of antibiotics can quickly control the disease and shorten the curing period. However, this behavior can also speed up the occurrence of drug resistance and aggravate the damages of antibiotics on livers or kidneys.

Misunderstanding four: change antibiotics frequently

Changing antibiotics frequently is also easy to see on patients when they felt no improvement after two days’ treatment. Changing antibiotics frequently can increase the risk of drug resistance’s occurrence, which is the main reason of long treatment. The right way is changing antibiotics after three days’ treatment if there is still no relief or improvement on urine test.

Misunderstanding five: neglect of systemic treatment

Patient who also have gynecologic inflammation or diabetes always gain unsatisfied result when they neglect the curing of systemic treatment. Even though the infection is the mainspring of urinary tract infection, this condition still can be affected by other factors like gynecologic infection, constipation, diabetes, anxiety or emotional fluctuation. Therefore, this type of patients should cure all conditions together. 

All in all, best antibiotic for UTI only shows up when the five misunderstanding can be avoid. If you have resistance to all antibiotics, you can try herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a replacement, for no drug resistance needs to be worried about.

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