Be Careful! These Symptoms May Indicate Prostatitis

Author: John
Time: 2016/8/6 17:30:12

prostatitis is a common male reproductive disease, however, it cause great bad influence to suffers' body. So, it's alert to prostatitis patients that when they find they are infected with prostatitis, prompt treatment should to employ. Sometimes, these symptoms may indicate the appearance of prostatitis.


Common Symptoms of Prostatitis

1.    Local Syptoms
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis may cause some local symptoms in sufferers, such as discomfort feeling in urethra, perineum and anal, which can be reflected as pressing and swelling, especially when people squat or stool.

2.    Difficult Micturition
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can cause uncomfortable feeling in micturition, such as frequent urination, and burning sensation in urethra, even this pain can spread to head. In the morning, the urethra mouth will appear mucus, mucous thread, and even pus secretions, as well as turbid urination and white secretion after stool. In some serious condition, patients may have blood urination or difficult micturition, as well as retention of urine.

3.    Sexual Dysfunction
Doctors also add that chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can also cause sexual dysfunction, which is caused by this disease last for a long time, which stressing much on patients. Some patients even appear the symptoms as sexual hyperactivity, libido, and painful ejaculation, blood in semen, dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, spermiatorrhea, and even infertility.

4.    Radiating Pain
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can trigger male radiating pain. Because prostate or seminal vesicle is govern by the abundant sympathetic nerve. The inflammation can cause the tension inside gland. By stimulating the sympathetic nerve, people may have metastatic low back pain; this pain can spread to testicle, scrotum, inguinal part, premium, lower abdomen, thigh, buttock, bowel and other areas.

5.    Others
Specialist also suggests that chronic prostatitis can also cause neurosis, which presents as weak, dizzy, dazzle, insomnia, and depression.

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